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Women Traveling Alone: 10 Safe Destinations in Europe

When arranging a vacation trip to Europe, an alone woman must understand the safest place. We have gathered the topmost countries in Europe that are suitable for solo female excursionists. So by going with the next list of secure nations in Europe, a lady can plan a solo trip without having any fear in the brain. Watch out for some fantastic country with a secure and welcoming atmosphere. Reserve your flight with Avelo Airlines and get maximum value for your airfares. 


The criminal activities ratio is less in Greece. A globally acclaimed crime and safety report published domain 2020 has stated that the nation has a low rate of criminal offences. Assault against females is very rare here. It is secure for women to arrange solo travel in Europe. 

The aviation and tourist sector is on the mountain because more than 30 million voyagers travel to Greece annually. Such reports clearly show that Greece is Europe’s most highly chosen country. Surprisingly, the number of women holidaymakers is similar to the number of men solo travelers. Making an Avelo flight reservation is the ideal step to reaching out to Greece.


Do you indeed think Italy wants a promotion to become an incredible travel attraction on the planet? The Global travel and tourism association stated that Italy witnessed nearly 1 billion overseas travelers on their land in 2019. The travel industry plays a big part in enhancing the economic strength of Italy.  

Fortunately, corruption, evil deeds and illegal activities have slowed down. Reported criminal offences were nearly 28 lakhs in 2014. But the good thing is that after five years of progress, the criminal percentage has gone down to 23 lakhs. These positive reports have made the nation secure and less risky to take a trip with women travelers alone. Hence, ladies, it’s time to have a great journey with Avelo airlines ticket reservation. 


Have you heard that Denmark has become the 2nd happiest nation globally? The United States of America has published a Happiness Report, giving the top 2 positions to Denmark. Denmark served over 55 million passengers from the rest of the globe in 2019. Denmark comes under the highly calm nations with a lower rate of offence and natural calamity.  

Hence, if you are a solo female sightseer, you must put Denmark on your hit list while making Avelo airlines flight reservations for your upcoming alone trip.  


The Netherlands has a copious surprise for female travelers. Even if you decide to arrange a trip with nobody except yourself, you will see many attractions here. The venues that can entice you in the Netherlands are Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh museum, Jordaan and Amsterdam’s Canals, Keukenhof, Historic Binnenhof, The Hague etc.

Female solo passengers can visit here because of the lesser criminal percentage. The crime rate decreased to almost 12% in 2018. But rare incident of pick pocketing also happens here, but they are rare. Legal and police administrations are proactive in handling such an illegal situation. So try out Avelo airline flight booking and confirm your solo safe journey to the Netherlands. 

United Kingdom

Single women voyagers can also pick the UK, aka England, for a solo trip. The nation welcomes all races of people and communities. You will hardly find any offence or criminal actions in the country. The UK tirelessly treat overseas tourist as their natives and take care of them completely. The uninterrupted service and promptness of the country’s administration indicate a low danger of criminal complications. Therefore you should Avelo airlines book a flight to travel to this wonderful country. 


Ireland is regarded as being one of the globe’s greatest serene nations. The “Women’s Risk Rating” reports a minimal number of crimes committed towards females. Sexual harassment, gender disparity, and systematic oppression are minimal possibilities here. It is time to make a simple Avelo airline booking through its official website. 


Among the most secure travel attractions in Eastern Europe is Poland. The nation maintains tranquility and has a modest violence percentage. The calm atmosphere makes the nation friendlier for female vacationers travelling alone. Public transport and taxi hazards are pretty negligible. Nevertheless, when going for a nighttime stroll, stay alert. Meanwhile, never miss your Avelo airlines ticket booking for your confirmed journey to Poland.


Switzerland, of course, requires no preface. It is undoubtedly the most prevalent vacation site on the entire planet. It is a secure option for female travellers travelling alone. Based on a report from the international travel association, Switzerland has a negligible criminality percentage. Compared to the nations surrounding, there are also considerably smaller violent assault occurrences. That is why ladies consider Avelo airlines ticket reservations for Switzerland for their magnificent solo expedition.


Another welcoming nation to passengers is Austria, which consistently receives good marks in polls and studies. The incidence of interpersonal aggression and oppression of women is at its barest minimum in the nation. Particularly, there aren’t many threatening offences perpetrated towards a female. Austria is regarded as the 4th secure country for female vacationers travelling alone. Hence, we recommend every beautiful lady confirm her Avelo airlines reservation so she can reach these safest destinations on the planet.

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