HDFC Home Loan

Why Should You Choose HDFC Home Loan?

With lower interest rates dominating the financial industry, many banks are providing good interest deals to lure the customer’s attention. The Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC) bank has achieved considerable success. The bank offers an HDFC house loan interest rate beginning at 7.75 percent. Additionally, the bank offers many possibilities in the home lending market. As a result, you must select HDFC home loan to benefit from their services. You can consult a counselor to make the best purchase choice.

Why Should You Choose HDFC Home Loan?

The HDFC bank, one of the top suppliers in India, offers various effective services. The following are some primary benefits of taking an HDFC house loan:

  • The HDFC home loan interest rate starts at 6.95% per annum. This rate is comparatively better than many other Indian banks. 
  • Customers can repay the loan within 30 years. 
  • The lowest EMI for an HDFC house loan is ₹662. 
  • Both fixed and floating interest rates are available at HDFC. 
  • There are affordable options for HDFC house loan insurance that can help you and your family pay off your loan more easily during emergencies. 
  • The HDFC home loan can be sanctioned online. 
  • Loan approval can be sanctioned before selecting a house.

HDFC has its own EMI calculator wherein you can put relevant details like principal amount, interest rate, processing fee, and loan tenure to understand the EMIs you need to pay after taking the loan. The calculator helps to make the right HDFC house loan plan to assist you in your buying decision. Therefore, it is advisable to calculate the home loan before borrowing from the lender to avoid facing problems during repayment. 

What Are The HDFC Home Loan Options?

HDFC provides many home loan options for self-employed and salaried individuals. The customers can avail any of the following options based on their needs and preferences. 

  • HDFC House Loan: Internet concessions are offered to women borrowers and apply only to Indian citizens. Customers can avail of the HDFC house loan for purchasing a row house, flats, or bungalows. 
  • HDFC Home Improvement Loan (HIL): You may use this loan to improve your home. It applies to both current and potential customers. The HDFC house loan interest rate for a home improvement plan is similar to normal home loans. 
  • HDFC Home Extension Loan (HEL): You can take this loan to extend space in your house. Applicants need to repay the loan amount in 20 years. 
  • HDFC Plot Loan: You can apply for this loan to take up a plot at zero hidden charges and customized repayment options. 
  • HDFC Rural Housing Loan: This loan is tailored for horticulturists, agriculturalists, and planters. 
  • HDFC NRI Housing Loans: This HDFC house loan is designed to purchase bungalows, flats, and row houses for the NRI candidates. 
  • HDFC Top-Up Loan: This loan is provided to customers who require an additional amount for personal or professional needs. 
  • HDFC Balance Transfer Loans: This loan is offered to candidates employed in the Indian army. Candidates can transfer their loans easily to HDFC. 
  • HDFC PMAY: People with low or medium incomes and who belong to economically disadvantaged groups are eligible for this HDFC house loan. Customers receive an Internet subsidy of 6.50 percent annually.


With various scheme options and benefits available for HDFC house loans, HDFC bank provides affordable home loans to people of all genders and income levels. Since the bank offers a cheap HDFC home loan interest rate, it has served many customers over the years and still is a popular choice among borrowers. Therefore, you must consider availing an HDFC home loan for property purchase.

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