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Why Leave Septic Tank Issues To Septic Tank Cleaning Company In Wylie

Your ability to maintain your septic system will improve as you learn more about it. It might be pretty nasty, but it also serves an essential purpose. The most expensive appliance in your house is the septic system, which runs nonstop to filter water back into the ground and decompose garbage safely. We’re going to share some information with you today regarding why you must leave your tank issues to a septic tank cleaning company in Wylie and not try the DIY way. Read on to discover more.

Your Septic System Is Like a Really Gross Layer Cake

A genuinely disgusting layer cake, indeed. Your septic tank has three layers inside: Food scraps and other heavy solids sink to the bottom and turn into “sludge.” The liquid left in the middle is called “effluent,” while the lighter waste, such as grease and hair, forms a floating layer of “scum.” After many days in the tank, bacteria in our waste treat that middle layer. Eventually, the broken-down waste goes outside to your drain field, where it is absorbed into the soil.

If you don’t have your tank serviced on a regular basis, the thick, dark substance known as sludge may harden over time and cause serious problems. If you cook frequently, grease can exacerbate your sludge problem. For this reason, the septic tank cleaning company in Wylie advises having your tank pumped out every two to four years.

No Joke: Septic Tank Gases Can Kill You

There’s a reason you shouldn’t ever enter your septic tank to make repairs or remove an accidentally flushed-in something that can’t be removed. The gases are lethal. OSHA regards a septic tank as a confined area with potentially “immediately dangerous” characteristics. Newer tanks include risers or ground-level lids for easier inspection and pumping out. Every week, pros put in risers for customers who desire quicker access or don’t want to spend time digging out their maintenance hole covers before each service.

Hydrogen sulfide, present in minute levels, gives out the occasional smell of rotten eggs near your drain field. (If you see it frequently, let us know; there might be a problem.) However, higher doses can result in paralysis, a five-minute collapse, or almost immediate death. Your garbage can kill.

Drain Cleaners And Chemicals Might Harm Your Septic System

The first thing you might do if you have a clogged drain or backed-up pipe is reached for a bottle of Liquid Plumber or another chemical cleaner. While a quick fix may seem alluring, your septic tank may suffer if you use these chemicals. The chemicals in drain cleaners have the potential to upset the delicate balance of good bacteria in your septic tank, which is full of beneficial bacteria that aid in the breakdown of solids and waste. Solids that cannot be broken down can seep into your yard or back up through your pipes and your house. Not only is the tank damaged due to this leak, but the yard is also exceedingly unpleasant to be in.

Routine Maintenance Will Help You Extend The Life Of Your System.

Your septic system does have a lifespan, as you may have heard. If your septic system has been maintained, it won’t cause any issues for 15 to 20 years. It will eventually need maintenance or replacement, just like any other machinery. When you book cleaning and pumping septic service in Fate or Wylie, you may expect that the team may take steps to increase the lifespan of your septic system, though. One of the finest things you can do is maintain your septic system correctly, which includes taking care of any issues as soon as they appear. Maintaining a consistent pumping schedule is also crucial. Additionally, if your system is getting older, you can request a site visit from us so you can always be informed of any issues and the state of your system.

What People Put Down Their Drain Would Astound You

Diapers, sour cream, paint, yeast, goldfish, greasy hair, and wipes: A cleaning and pumping septic service in Fate have probably seen everything! What is the ideal thing to do to maintain your septic system? Do not place items there that have no business being there. Moreover, have it serviced frequently. 


Unsure about the last time your tank was drained out? Make an appointment with pros to schedule a site visit for expert advice. In the Wylie and Fate area, you can expect them to offer competent and reasonably priced septic service.

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