Why do you need laptop protection for your Macs? 

MacBooks are one of the top trending laptops in the digital market due to their powerful processors, larger screens, and ergonomic display technologies. Apple Store launches the latest models annually, discontinues the manufacture within a couple of years, and works on another MacBook lineup for the following year. The never-ending cycle keeps buyers and investors busy all year round. However, Apple pays no heed to accidental damages done to Apple products, and commercial markets take a lot of money for touching the device. 

Where to get Laptop Protection for Macs? 

Phixey membership providers work all year round to present the best device protection plans and work systematically with all clients and members. Communication services are reachable 24/7, which assist the website visitor with all incoming queries and information regarding Phixey memberships and electronics protection plans. The most suitable device subscription is the laptop protection plan that covers all laptop brands, including Apple macs, to safeguard the member’s device for 365 days. 

Special Protection Plans for Apple Macs

For Apple Macs, Phixey has MacBook Air Protection Plan as well as MacBook Pro Protection Plan that serves free repair, cost-effective fixtures, wireless connectivity per month under $10, and exclusive Apple accessories with free shipping! Phixey professionals are well-equipped with tools and techniques to repair and safeguard the device for long-term use. Hence it is one of the USA’s most reliable companies online, working for the best laptop protection plans annually to assist members and customers free from the stress and frustration of their devices. 

What else does Phixey offer? 

Phixey offers fun discounts for as many devices, wearables, smartphones, and tablets as the member adds to the customizable package portal. The price of one laptop protection plan subscription is worth $29.95. The laptop protection discounts can be 5% to 25%, depending on how many devices are added to the cart. The calculated amount at the end of the mini-portal is as reasonable as can be! The Internet may be full of exclusive device protection plans, but the price range and zero offers are not worth what Phixey has to offer for a whole year! 

Laptop Accessories 

With Phixey’s astounding shop offers, members of the laptop protection plan can have either of the two choices, a category of accessories under $4.95 each or purchase laptop accessories from their online shop. All types of outlet power strips, mouse pads, notebook cooling pads, cables, chargers, mice, keyboards, etc., are available at a fantastic price range! With and without a subscription, Phixey is just more affordable than other device protection plan providers.


If you are looking for a credible website to enroll your device for full-fledge protection, know that Phixey is the best place to begin! They provide various offerings, discounts, and upcoming surprises for all subscribed members, new and old. Phixey is different from other brands due to its non-deductible policy, which also makes it stand out from the list of other exclusive protection providers. 

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