Why Direct Replacement LED Tubes Are Better Than Fluorescent Lights

By contrast to fluorescent lights, LEDs are a bunch of spring chickens. Fluorescent lights were invented in the 1920s and have been in wide use ever since. Even though LEDs have technically been around since the 1960s, it wasn’t until after 2000, when the price of semiconductors fell, that they were widely implemented.

Today, LEDs are absolutely ubiquitous. Interestingly, they are increasingly used as direct replacements for fluorescent lights in the form of LED tube lights that are compatible with existing fluorescent fixtures.

But, that said, the cost of LED tube light replacements can be high. Is it worth it to replace them in the first place? Or should you just get new fluorescents?

The answer is yes – LED tube replacements are worth it – and here’s why.

Immediate Startup, Not Affected by Extreme Temperatures, No More Annoying Buzzing/Flickering

Fluorescent lights take a few seconds to start up and can be notoriously finicky in extreme temperatures (especially the cold).

Moreover, fixtures that magnetic ballasts can produce that irritating buzzing sound, as well as flickering lights that throw an inconsistent luminous intensity.

LEDs start up immediately (they don’t need ballasts, they need a separate device called an LED driver) in a wide range of temperature conditions, and do not flicker or buzz.

Much Longer Lifespan: Lower Replacement Costs

One of the main reasons fluorescents have been so popular for so long is that (despite their prohibitively high costs) they last a long time. Some fluorescent tube lights can last as long as 25,000 hours.

LED tubes blow this figure away, with low-end lifespan estimates at around 25,000, most at 50,000, and some scraping at 100,000. This makes LED tubes leagues more long-lasting; and they use less electricity, too, incurring significant energy savings.

Also, since they last longer, you’ll need to replace them much less, which will also drive down maintenance costs.

No Toxic Components, Easier Disposal

One thing that complicates the use of fluorescent lights is that they contain outright toxic components. All fluorescent lights contain mercury as well as fluorescent phosphor powders.

This makes it much more expensive to dispose of them (properly, of course) when they do burn out.

LEDs suffer no such problem. Not only do they last much longer, but they also are made from environmentally sound materials – in fact, some LEDs can be entirely recycled.

Greater Variety in Color Temperature

If you hate the cold, harsh, clinical feel of the light output that fluorescent lamps produce, LED tubes may also make a great replacement.

Many fluorescent lights throw light in a very cool (if not cold) color temperature, say, between 5000K and 6000K. So do many LED tube replacements, but at the same time, there are others that produce warmer color temperatures, closer to 3500K.

Get to Keep Your Old Fixtures

One of the greatest things about modern plug-and-play LED replacements is that you don’t need to expend extra money and resources replacing your old fixtures.

Modern direct replacement LED tubes can be more or less simply installed directly into your existing fixtures.

Bonus: No UV Emissions

Although fluorescent lamps have been used safely for many decades, it is true nonetheless that they emit potentially harmful UV radiation.

There is no way around this; the fluorescence (visible light) of the phosphor powder only manifests under UV irradiation. That is, there are no “UV-free” fluorescent lights.

But, LED replacements are entirely UV free, as they do not require ultraviolet light for operation.

Just another nice feature of LED lamps.

Where Can You Get Direct Replacement LED Tube Lights?

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