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What to Pack for St. Thomas Tours and Excursions

It’s crucial to keep in mind when packing for a journey to the Caribbean. Some products that are readily available at home can be far more pricey or tough to find on the island.

After all, making a list of your belongings and paying attention to what you’re carrying in advance will save you time and money. Here is our quick and simple packing list for your upcoming St. Thomas tours and excursions.

Things You Need to Pack in St Thomas Tours

1. Reef Safe Sunscreen

Reef-safe sunscreen is necessary and is required by law in the US Virgin Islands since regular sunscreen contains dangerous chemicals that can harm coral reefs. Since reef-safe sunscreen is pricey on the islands, we advise purchasing a bottle to keep in your suitcase. You can also hire private airport transfers to visit St. Thomas.

2. Sun-protective clothing

You’ll spend a lot of time outdoors being active. Whether you want to hike one of its beautiful trails, kayak through the protected mangroves, paddle board along the beach, or spend the day island hopping on a boat, there is so much to see and discover. All of these activities include extended exposure to the sun.

The sun’s rays are much stronger down there because we’re so much closer to the equator than you’re probably used to. Rash shields are a fantastic way to protect your chest, shoulders, and arms in and out of the water because they’re lightweight and easy to dry.

3. Water shoes

Water shoes are not required but are always a significant benefit if you intend to visit on a tour that involves kayaking, hiking, or swimming, like their most popular Cas Cay excursion. When crossing a rocky beach, water shoes provide stability. They also dry rapidly, allowing you to switch from walking through shallow water to hiking steep terrain.

In the absence of water shoes, tied sandals are a good substitute. Flip flops allow you to participate, but they are often sloppy, and we’ve seen many bust their strap on a hike, making the wearer’s trip unpleasant.

4. Waterproof phone case

We carry our cell phones everywhere since they double as cameras. And because of how beautiful the environment is, you’ll probably take hundreds of pictures to remember every breathtaking sunrise, boat’s front views, and cocktail hour.

You’ll spend much of your time on or near the sea because the islands surround it. A waterproof case will safeguard your phone if you have one; all it takes is one slip along the sand to fall into the water. A water-resistant case is also helpful when you go boating, kayaking, or paddle boarding and want to carry your phone along for pictures.


We hope that this helpful packing list for a trip to the St. Thomas tours and excursions proved beneficial to you. Please feel free to browse our website. We’ve made it easy for you to book various activities in one location since we want to make organizing your vacation as straightforward and hassle-free as possible.

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