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What is Technical SEO In E-commerce? Learn It From Here!

E-commerce SEO is more complex than it looks; it’s complex and wide-ranging marketing requiring much more effort than your standard SEO practices. E-commerce started as an online podium for shopping, then it slowly penetrated other segments, such as payment gateways, internet banking, and online ticketing, and now we can see a massive com system, giving a hard time to offline retailers and business owners. 

As Google algorithms keep on changing, making it hard for online store owners and SEO experts to be on their toes with the latest trend in SEO. 

Ecommerce SEO is another uphill battle that will be hard to crack for someone who’s just getting started. If you’re planning to take your offline store online, then this article is for you. Here we have covered almost all the segments of technical SEO ecommerce that will help you to cut through your competitors in the league. Let’s dive deep into today’s topic and take your business online. We’ll also discuss why you need to partner with the best digital marketing agency that will help you to optimise your online store like a pro. 

First Things First, What Is Ecommerce SEO? 

Ecommerce SEO is a common process of an optimization marketing strategy that involves a series of processes for achieving higher online visibility of any e-commerce website or web page on Google SERPs. Like common SEO practices, there are some guidelines that you need to follow while indexing and ranking your ecommerce site on search engines such as- 

  • Your website should be user-friendly 
  • Your website should load in 3 or fewer seconds 
  • There should not be any duplicate contents 
  • Backlinks should be updated 

Once you’ve covered all these segments, Google God will bless you with a higher ranking, traffic, and conversion rate. 

  • The keywords you use to target pages
  • The technical setup of your web store
  • Whether your web store is mobile friendly

How Does E-commerce SEO Work? 

Ecommerce SEO practices are all about getting more visibility on search engine result pages. In order to achieve higher ranking and visibility, it’s important that you focus on the content part of your ecommerce store, such as blogs, product descriptions, meta tags, and meta descriptions. As a leading seo services company in Cambridge, we feel that  here are a few things that you need to consider, including the following- 

Benefits of ecommerce SEO

Search engines are the final destination of every website or web page yearning for online visibility. So if you’re still thinking about the benefits of ecommerce seo strategies, then you should know that it’s a basic necessity. Underestimating the power of SEO in ecommerce marketing will make your online store deserted away from your potential customers. 

Higher rankings on search engines 

Research has shown that more than 50% of customers prefer to buy things online instead of driving 2 miles to any shopping outlet. But this triggers the war of visibility in online marketing on search engines. If you’re able to ladder up your website with a higher ranking on Google SERPs, then you’re likely to get more customers and traffic on your website. 

Higher rankings mean more conversions. 

A higher ranking comes with more conversions. A higher ranking also brings credibility to a website, and in this way, you will get more customers visiting your website. Almost 85% of the users buy something from an online store appearing on the page in the search results. 

Enhanced user experience 

The process of technical ecommerce seo involves various steps, such as navigation, page load speed, site structure, and mobile responsiveness. This works as a regular health check of your website that improves user experience, leading to longer site visits and higher engagement. 

Better Brand Visibility and Awareness: Appearing on the first page of search results builds trust and credibility for an e-commerce brand. Higher visibility leads to increased brand awareness, which can result in more organic traffic, repeat visits, and referrals.

Is there a difference in doing SEO in B2B e-commerce vs. B2C e-commerce?

Though the marketing strategy for B2B and B2C in SEO remains the same, they do have some key differences, such as-. 

Target audience- B2C SEO strategy is focused on individual customers, but in B2B, the marketing is all about engaging a more formal audience since they are connecting with the whole organization. 

Longer Buying Cycle- B2B has a longer buying cycle than in B2c. This means you need more relevant content if you want your customers to act. 

Goal: B2B SEO content’s primary goal is informational/educational. While in B2C, SEO marketing is to trigger a purchase.

KPIs – In B2B SEO, success is measured by generating leads, conversion rates, revenue, and the value of long-term customer relationships. On the other hand, B2C SEO is more straightforward, as it can be evaluated based on website traffic and the average value of customer orders.

4 Primary Components of Technical SEO Ecommerce


Content is the core of SEO marketing strategies. From blogs to your URL and h1 header, your content should give an overview of your product. Don’t forget to add high-ranking keywords to your content. 

User Experience 

Google takes its users very seriously and serves only the best-suited information. It’s not just about good content; your interface should also work better, including bounce rate, page loading speed, user-friendly interface, and conversion rate. 

Technical setup

Optimize the technical part of your web store: like, for example, HTTPS, mobile-friendliness, page speed, indexation, XML sitemap (this is the index for Google), etc.

Link building

You need to consider which internal links (from within your website) and external links (from other sources) you link to and from. You also need to keep on top of other resources linking back to you for authority. Choosing the right sources or being the cited resource for another organization can help boost your credibility and brand reputation.

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