What is Server Cabinet?

What is Server Cabinet?

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According to industry standards, server rack cabinets like a 42u size server cabinet are 19 inches wide, 4 inches broad, and 36 inches deep. These measurements can be changed based on the servers and extra space that customers need to use.

Typically, servers, UPS systems, monitors, and other comparable equipment are installed in these cabinets. The front and back of the server racks are perforated, ensuring that the equipment stored within has the best possible airflow. Your servers will be kept in a cabinet, which also efficiently controls the heat these servers produce.

What is Network Cabinet?

Although there is a distinction between the types of equipment housed, when it comes to purchasing a network cabinet, customers frequently assume it to be identical to a server cabinet. Equipment including a networking router, patch panels, switches, and other networking accessories are typically kept in network cabinets. With a depth of 31 inches, a network cabinet is shallower than a server cabinet. Network cabinets typically lack the perforated enclosures and feature a glass or sturdy plastic front. The equipment kept in these cabinets doesn’t produce as much heat as the equipment kept in server cabinets.

What is the difference between a Server cabinet and a Network cabinet?

So, in this article, we’ll talk about the following aspects of server cabinets and network cabinets:

1. Depth

A server rack and a network rack could be comparable in height. However, there might be differences in terms of depth. The server rack cabinet needs to be deeper than the network cabinet because it will hold longer network equipment. Routers, patch panels, and other network equipment with much shorter depths are housed in network cabinets. A server rack will therefore require more space than a network rack.

2. Airflow

As you are already aware, network equipment doesn’t produce much heat. On the other side, a server may generate a significant quantity of heat. To run the servers at their peak efficiency, it is usually a good idea to keep the temperature under control. As a result, a server rack may have various ventilation systems, including a perforated door, sliding side panels, and so on.

However, there won’t be much heat generation in the case of network racks. This means that these kinds of racks are not necessary for air circulation systems. Consequently, a network rack can be found that is smaller and shallower than a server rack.

3. Design

Doors and side panels will be present on server racks. For additional safety from the outside, any of them can be locked. Additionally, the front door and the rear panel can have a lot of holes to provide for the necessary ventilation.

However, network racks don’t typically feature perforated doors. They include doors made of polycarbonate or tempered glass. Additionally, the majority of network cabinet designs lack side panels.

4. Cable Management

A server computer comes with a limited number of cables. It can also be quite portable, however, cable management can be difficult in it. A network rack cabling will likely contain a lot of cables, thus it will include a lot of capabilities for quick and simple cable management. You will be able to keep all of your cables organized in that way.


When comparing the server cabinets and network cabinets discussed above, it becomes clear that while they serve the same purpose of housing equipment, they do it differently in terms of the equipment they do so with. We observed that whereas Network Cabinets are shallower and hold networking equipment like routers or patch panels, Server Cabinets are larger and are used to store large equipment like servers and monitors.

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