What is an Industrial P.C. Pump?

The Industrial P.C. pump is a kind of pump which is widely used in the industrial field and has a variety of industrial applications. Industrial P.C. Pumps in Uttar Pradesh India are available in both AC and DC versions and have the advantages of high efficiency, energy-saving, and long service life. These pumps can be used in various industrial settings, often used to move liquids or gasses, and can be found in factories, power plants, and other industrial facilities. It comes in a variety of different sizes and shapes and It is typically made from corrosion-resistant materials to ensure long life in harsh environments but can be made from a variety of different materials.

One common use for these pumps is to move water or wastewater through pipes. They are also often used to circulate cooling water through machinery or to transfer hot oil from one part of a factory to another. In addition, they can be used as blowers or vacuum pumps, and even be employed in sewage treatment plants.
As by now I may have got a little idea of what industrial P.C. pumps are and how they are useful to us, let’s further move on to the classification of industrial pumps.

Different types of Industrial Pumps
Industrial pumps are an important part of many industrial and commercial processes and are used to move liquids, gases, or slurries from one point to another. Industrial pumps come in a variety of types, including
1. Positive-displacement pumps
2. Centrifugal pumps
3. Axial-flow pumps

However, these categories are further subdivided into multiple types of pumps depending on their uses-case, operation, and structure.

How does it work?

As the name suggests, an industrial P.C. pump, i.e., an industrial positive-cavity pump is a Positive-displacement pump.
Positive displacement (PD)pumps are also very popular in industrial applications. PD pumps work by trapping a fixed volume of fluid in each stage of the pump and then forcing it out through an outlet valve. This design allows PD pumps to handle viscous fluids or solids without clogging up like centrifugal or rotary lobe models can do. Some common examples include gear-type PD Pumps and screw-type PD Pumps.

Industrial positive-cavity pumps are a great way to move large amounts of liquid or other materials. They are often used in factories & other industrial settings. It comes in a variety of sizes and can be customized for your specific needs. They are also very reliable and can handle tough conditions.

Structural configuration
It is designed in a way that a gearbox connects the motor to the drive end of the PC pump since it operates at a lower speed than a centrifugal pump. A universal pin joint connects the gearbox’s output shaft to a metal rotor housed in a rubber stator that rotates. In rotor-driven stator pumps, fluid passes through capillaries as the rotor rotates slowly.


Pumps of this type can be found in a variety of industries, and include,

  1. Wastewater transfer or treatment plants
  2. Oil & Gas industry for Cutting Transfer, Separator Feed, Crude Oil Transfer, Main Oil line Pump, Multiphase transfer, Drilling Mud transfer and recovery, and other processes.
  3. Biogas plant for Digestate feed & Biomass transfer.
  4. Paper and Pulp industry for transfer of pulp, recycled paper, Filler transfer, fixative & dye metering, etc.
  5. Edible Oil industry for Crusher feed, oil extraction, Oil Malaxing (mixing), oil separator feed, and more.
  6. Wine manufacturing, Wine filtering, grape pressing, must & pomace transfer, etc.


The main advantage of using Industrial P.C Pumps in Uttar Pradesh India is their ability to handle large flows at high pressures with relatively small footprints when compared with a traditional gear or centrifugal pumps. Additionally, they are often less expensive than other types of pumps and can be easily integrated into existing systems due to their standard interfaces and communications protocols.

Some advantages of positive-cavity pumps are mentioned below,

  1. Low shear
  2. Reversible
  3. Wide fluid handling capabilities
  4. Self Priming
  5. High Accuracy
  6. High Flows
  7. High Pressure, etc.

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