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What Content Really Needs to Rank: As Told by an eCommerce SEO Company

Content is king, as they say, and one of the fundamental elements of SEO. In fact, it is often cited as the fourth pillar of SEO, using the “four foundations” model including technical SEO, on and off-page optimization, and, of course, as the last entry, content. 

The internet is awash with baseless, useless, yet published, content. In order for content to really do the heavy lifting it promises to do, it needs to meet a simple criterion. 

It does not need to be keyword stuffed. It does not need to be 10,000 pages long. It does not need to be dripping with links.

Keywords, links, and length don’t hurt (usually). But they certainly don’t constitute winning content. The world’s most widely disseminated piece of literature rose to fame long before the concept of the internet even bordered on the hazy margins of human imagination. 

That content needs to rank, and here’s what it needs – as told by 1Digital Agency, an eCommerce SEO company with a whole host of talented writers on hand, and who, by the way, have years and years of collective experience under their belts. 

Originality and Unique Information 

One of the most important things a piece of content can have – whether it’s product page copy or a 10-page blog – is original, unique information. 

If you’re just parroting things you’ve pulled out of other people’s blogs, you don’t have much of a chance. 

There are ways around this, though. Collecting and compiling information that itself is not unique, and then arranging it all in one encyclopedic location – well, that sort of is. 

Also, offering a personal slant or perspective on things that others might not have thought of on their own – well, that’s also unique. 

The internet likes to hear new voices, even on subjects, topics, and processes that have already been beaten half to death. 

Remember this in your writing: you want it to be original and unique. There should be some aspect of it that a reader won’t be able to get anywhere else, even if it’s just a slight touch of humor. 


Google is actually surprisingly tolerant of basic mistakes, like typos, lost punctuation, and spelling errors. All you need to do is read some of the top content out there and you will find it.

What it is not tolerant of is writing that doesn’t offer anything new, or deliver something unique.

While you should always strive for grammatical perfection, in this distinct sense, quality means writing that appeals to readers and answers their questions. 

Experience, Authority, Trust (What Google Says)

Any eCommerce SEO agency would be remiss if it did not offer advice on E-A-T, or Google’s supposed index for whether or not content is good. 

There is certainly, some truth to the model, so you should follow it accordingly.

Basically, what it suggests, and not to waste more time on this here than is needed, is that writing should exhibit expertise (or experience with the subject matter), authority (which is similar) and it should be credible.

In a nutshell, it should not be glaringly apparent from your writing that you have no idea whatsoever what you’re writing about. That’s ultimately what E-A-T comes down to.

It Should Be Closely Aligned with Search Intent 

Here’s the other big thing. Quality content needs to be closely aligned with user search intent. 

Forget what you have heard from other eCommerce businesses, “eCommerce SEO experts” and search engine recommendations. Content doesn’t need to be crazy long and it doesn’t need to be stuffed to the gills with target keywords. 

If you want it to rank, thus bringing in additional traffic to your eCommerce store (whether as part of a dedicated marketing strategy or not) then it needs to answer a search query.

Get on Google and look at what people are searching for, with attention to “people also ask.” 

Answer the questions, and users will find you. You know, “if you build it, they will come.” That sort of thing.

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