jet skiing tenerife
jet skiing tenerife

What Are Jet Skis: Types of Water Bikes

People who want to do something different and exciting during their summer vacations are becoming more and more popular. And the supply is not less than what people want. So, jet skis are no longer just an unusual thing to do at resorts; they are now a popular way to have fun on the water. Read up on aquabikes and how to choose one if you want to expand the ways people can have fun on land and in water.

Key things about jet skis

A jet ski is a water-based vehicle with a motor that can move quickly on its own. The main things that the water scooter is great for are taking slow walks around bodies of water, fishing, and taking part in extreme races on bodies of water.

No matter how it is used, an aquabike can give its owner unforgettable feelings, like speed, which makes the heart beat faster, and a sense of being free.

One of the best things about jet skiing tenerife is that they are small and can travel well across land. Yes, you can set up walks on such a vehicle even on rivers and channels that are very narrow, and you can swim under low bridges. Technically, a jet ski is just as complicated as a snowmobile or a motorcycle that you ride on the ground. It is a small boat, so it has to be registered.

Types of jet ski designs

All jet skis have the same basic parts: a light fiberglass hull and an internal combustion engine (two- or four-stroke). There are likely to be more differences. There are two ways to build an aquabike:


Most of the time, these models are used in competitions and to do tricks and other moves (for example, jumping over water). For this reason, they are made to be light, easy to move, and fast. These boats can go as fast as 120 km/h.


The comfort of the “helmsman” and the people riding with him is the most important thing in these water bikes. Most models have space for two or three people. They aren’t as fast or easy to turn as the Yamaha VX Cruiser® and Yamaha FX Cruiser® High Output, but they are more balanced, safe, and stable.

Types of jet skis

To make it easier for people to choose a water scooter, manufacturers put them into certain groups. So, when you buy an aquabike, pay attention to the type of vehicle it is—it should be right for what you want to do with it.

Touring jet skis

Made for long trips that are comfortable. Like the Yamaha VX Cruiser® HO, these models are unique in that they can be ridden not only by one person, but also by two, three, or four people. Also, these water bikes usually have a place to store things like life jackets and food and drink that you might need during your trip. The structure of tourist versions is different because they have a footrest and sides that are made in a special way to keep people from getting wet. On jet ski tours in Tenerife, we use this kind of aquabike.

Sport Aquabikes

Compared to day trips in tenerife, they are much smaller (for example, Yamaha GP1800). Their goal, which is to win water races, calls for it. True, a driver who has never driven this kind of car before will have trouble. It’s better to learn how to drive on a regular car first.

Mixes of sports and tourists

Models for people who want to do both riding and competing, but can’t decide which one is more important. From a technical point of view, it is somewhere between a tourist jet ski and a sports jet ski. There are models with one seat and models with two seats. These boats have motors that are strong enough, but at the same time, they are lighter.

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