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Hoodies are one the most used clothing pieces around the globe. Almost every person on this planet will have hoodies in their wardrobe unless they live in a scorching climate. There are many different types of hoodies available in the market, and custom blanket hoodies are one of these. Brands make different hoodie designs every season to make their collection look unique and versatile.

Blanket hoodies are very comfortable and cozy; people mostly wear them at home when they want to rest. This article will discuss what blanket hoodies are and how you can make your customized blanket hoodies.

What Are Custom Blanket Hoodies?

Custom blanket hoodies are oversized loose-fit hoodies that almost go to the knees’ length. These hoodies are very comfortable and have lots of space, enough space to fit two people inside one hoodie. People mostly wear these hoodies in winter when watching tv or lying down when they want to feel cozy and comfortable. 

This style of hoodies came into existence not so long when a brand started making these loose-fit hoodies, which caught people’s attention, and everybody started buying these hoodies. The best part about these hoodies is that they are a very cozy, comfortable, and warm fabric, and you can quickly wear them; it is your best friend when you want to do some leisure activity at home.

What Fabric Is Used In Custom Blanket Hoodies?

Many brands and companies make custom blanket hoodies, but a few fabrics like French terry and Fleece are used more often. So the fabrics that you can use to make custom blanket hoodies are,

  • Fleece
  • French Terry
  • Polar Fleece
  • Sherpa Fleece

These are one of the most used fabrics in the hoodies, but to make them look and feel more comfortable, brands go for Sherpa fleece and Polar Fleece. These fabrics resemble wool and have a very fluffy feel. The customers love these fabrics, and they love it feels on their body.

We recommend using polar Fleece or Sherpa fleece even though you can go for simple Fleece and French terry, but these fabrics are suitable if you are wearing regular hoodies. The custom blanket hoodies make the person feel comfortable and relaxed when resting or watching tv lying on their couch, and polar Fleece and Sherpa fleece can serve this purpose.

How To Get Your Customized Blanket Hoodies?

People love customized things, and some couples want custom blanket hoodies with their names or designs on them. To make custom blanket hoodies personalized as per your artwork, you need to find a supplier who can customize the hoodies. Make sure to find the best custom blanket hoodies supplier who offers many customization options and does not take long to deliver the hoodies.

You can find suppliers of custom blanket hoodies on the internet. You can go on google and search for local suppliers, or you can also find overseas suppliers. The benefit of going for overseas suppliers is that you can also modify the design of hoodies. In contrast, local suppliers only offer you embroidery, screen printing, etc., on the stock hoodies. 

Who Makes The Best Custom Blanket Hoodies?

Many suppliers make custom blanket hoodies for various brands and companies, but you need to find the best supplier for your hoodies. We would recommend you work with a clothing supplier called Duskoh. They are a clothing manufacturing company based in Pakistan that makes clothing for various brands. They offer many customization options and can make private label clothing for your brand.

They have a lot of experience and can help make custom blanket hoodies for yourself or your brand. They also have no MOQs policy; you can take advantage of that if you want a couple of pieces. They also help their clients by giving them advice and helping them design their hoodies. The best part is that they have in-house designers who can make different designs in hoodies for you. We would highly recommend going for Duskoh.

Looking For A Manufacturer Of Custom Blanket Hoodies?

If you are looking for a custom blanket hoodies manufacturer, you should look no further than Duskoh. They make all kinds of hoodies and other products other than hoodies. Whether you want dope hoodies, drippy hoodies, full zip hoodie over face, happy hoodie for dogs, or king and queen hoodies, they can make all kinds of customized hoodies for your brand.

You can check their website at and email inquiries at [email protected] or WhatsApp them on 00923117650528.

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