Walking and Running Shoes: What’s the Difference?

Wearing the right shoes is necessary to keep your joints and muscles healthy. We generally think a pair of good expensive shoes allows you to give good body structure, but that is inaccurate. Our body reacts differently to different types of exercise, especially when running or walking, because of varying foot sizes. 

A running shoe possesses different characteristics and features from a walking shoe. It is advised that runners should not wear walking shoes, as these are very stiff and don’t flex the way runners need them to, and that means many comfortable men’s walking shoes aren’t good for running either. Analyze their designs carefully. However, a few factors can help you differentiate between walking and running shoes. 


What runners need: Runners need more cushioning in the heel and forefoot than walkers as they impact the ground with more force.

What walkers need: Walkers don’t need cushioning much as it adds extra weight. They prefer a lighter shoe to run or walk faster.

Consider cushioned running shoes if you walk more than six miles at a time. JQR Sports shoes offer comfortable men’s walking shoes that work well for walking long distances.


What runners need: Running shoes provide stability to runners by having built-up heels. Since runners hit the ground first, their foot strike can be at the forward part of their heel, midfoot, or football. 

What walkers need:Walker’s strike with the heel first and roll through the step; they do not need a higher heel.

It would help if you tried looking at the shoe’s outer sole. Some may appear to have a higher heel, but the heel of your foot sits lower inside the shoe.


What runners need: Running shoes possess a flared heel to provide extra stability for runners who strike the ground first at their midfoot or forefoot.

What walkers need: Since walkers strike the ground first with their heel, a flared heel obstructs rolling forward through the step.


What runners need: Running shoes are flexible at the arch or midfoot. But some designs provide flexibility at the forefoot, depending on the runners’ needs. However, motion control and stability shoes are less flexible, keeping the foot rotating too much during a step. Runners and walkers who need motion control must sacrifice flexibility in their shoes.

What walkers need: Both running and walking shoes must be flexible.

JQR Sports is the best Indian footwear brand, offering various shoes and options. The company provides multiple affordable men running shoes online in different categories.

Are Walking Shoes Different from Other Shoes?

No matter how great your shoes are, they won’t be good if they don’t fit well. To ensure this, find the best Indian footwear brand that not only offers you the best shoes for walking but also helps you to find a shoe suitable for your foot.

Walking shoes are very different from running shoes as each functions differently. Walkers look for the heel while runners strike in the midsole for stability. You can not do running in walking shoes as they are cumbersome. Everyone has different feet, so find the most comfortable men’s walking shoes


It all depends on the comfort level. If you think walking in running shoe works for you, take necessary precautions to avoid injury. Do ensure that your shoes fit well and feel comfortable. Whether you decide to go running or walking, monitor how you feel throughout your walk to ensure that it supports your needs. And don’t forget to replace walking or running shoes every 300-400 miles or every four to six months due to wear and tear.

We all wear sports shoes when we work out, do any physical activity, or play a sport. These shoes provide support and strength when we do intense physical activity and protect our legs from damage. Many brands offer affordable men running shoes online as they make durable and trendy sports shoes for both men and women. You can buy these shoes online, and it is recommended to choose the brand carefully so you know you have picked the right product.


Whenever we talk about the best Indian footwear brand, we talk about puma, Nike and Adidas, and some even talk about the woodland. But most people do not realize these brands are costly for lower-middle-class people. 
Despite having many options in sports and general shoes in India, JQR Sports offers affordable men’s walking footwear online. Their shoes have excellent design and durability and are available for people of every age. The JQR Sports shoes are also relatively cost-effective and highly comfortable to wear for hours. The shoes are available in several colours giving their customers a variety to choose from and buying the shoes according to the choice of their colours.

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