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Villas in the midst of the hills of Lonavala and Igatpuri

Ekostay has been flourishing in the homestay industry and has been adding a collection of villas on a Pan India level. We have a plethora of choices to spoil our guests to choose from luxury to affordable villas near Igatpuri, Alibaug, Ooty, Goa, Bangalore, Lonavala villa price at an affordable range to accommodate all our guests.

Tranquil Villa in Lonavala

Everything is serene and beautiful including Ekostay Tranquil Villa in Lonavala. So, This 3BHK luxurious villa is a marvel with its modern interiors and comfortable furnishing. Located in one of the premium villa societies, this gated community has the best to offer in terms of luxury and security. So, This property is equipped with a private pool, lush greenery and good vibes. Guests could indulge in some badminton or simply laze around on the lawns. To get to know this lonavala villa price, visit

Pebble Villa in Igatpuri

You’ll want to remain here forever when you see the 3BHK Pebble Villa near Igatpuri, which is tucked away in the middle of nature and surrounded by mountains and wide-open spaces. If you want a vacation that feels like a home away from home while yet being luxurious enough to be considered a retreat. So, It is most definitely a sight worth photographing, with subdued furnishings and a private pool. Make sure you see the sunrise in all its splendour and the sunsets here in its mysterious setting.

Blanco Villa in Lonavala

For the people of Mumbai, the Ekostay Blanco Villa in Lonavala is the ideal getaway since it appears to have sprung straight out of an architectural magazine. So, This three-bedroom property in Lonavala has a lot of open space, contemporary décor, and a lush natural environment around it.

Hill View Villa in Lonavala

The front facing side of the Ekostay Hill View Villa in Lonavala boasts a beautiful mountain view, as the name well implies. The expansive garden area and private pool are intend to enchant your senses. So, The early dew on the grass will refresh your senses. You can decide to visit this place with family, friends, or even your pet pals and let loose.

Sucasa Villa in Lonavala

Just ten minutes’ drive from the main road, this lovely 4BHK Ekostay Sucasa Villa in Lonavala private pool property is a nicely decorate modern style villa located in Tungarli, Lonavala. The house offers a private pool, a large living room, a games area, and 4 bedrooms. So, The hidden treasure is roomy and offers each visitor total seclusion. The ideal place to unwind and take use of Lonavala’s amenities.

Kingfisher Villa in Lonavala

The 3.5 BHK Ekostay Kingfisher Villa in Lonavala, which is situated 1500 feet above sea level, is the ideal place for a staycation if you want to be completely surround by the valleys and vistas that Lonavala has to offer. A private indoor plunge pool where you may relax with your loved ones while taking in the views of the hills, trees, and fireflies

Casablanca Villa in Igatpuri

Our 3BHK Ekostay Casablanca Villa in Igatpuri has a spotless pool with amazing submerged seats, overflowing with the supernatural views of valleys and lush foliage. Soaking in the tranquil pool adjacent to a beautiful pool hammock with a warm gazebo and a luxurious outdoor bar is an architectural phenomenon with a combination of elaborate and modern interior décor in this Igatpuri villa on rent . Our magnificent and gorgeous villa is available to you for an exciting evening of pool and poker.

Bougain Villa in Igatpuri

The 5BHK Ekostay Bougain Villa near Igatpuri overlooks the stunning and calm natural beauty of Maharashtra. Maharashtra’s history is a rich tapestry that is woven into many different aspects of the state. Welcome on board a journey that provides you with a taste of this exciting location, complete with a private pool, a modern building, and stylish decor that give it the ideal atmosphere. You may take a nap whenever you get some alone time in any room in the house. So, Play board games or enjoy tea and chat with the people you love! You can ask for a BBQ if the weather turns frigid and you feel like cooking up a storm.

Sky Villa in Lonavala

Ekostay Sky Villa in Lonavala, which is tuck away in the hills, is the picture of a tranquil getaway. Easy-to-use interiors that exude luxury and bring back memories of vintage Bollywood are likely to catch your eye. So, This 3 BHK Villa is the ideal location in the highlands to make your stay the most memorable. Away from the chaotic crowds of Lonavala. After visiting Tiger Point, visitors may enjoy breathtaking views with family. And friends or just unwind by the private pool while savouring a full BBQ supper. So, You can decide to come here and let your hair down with family, friends, or even your pet companions.

Paramount Villa in Lonavala

The interiors of my home have a minimalist style with pops of colour and modern furnishings. Which will instantly transport you to a vacation-like atmosphere. It radiates grace, tranquilly, and good vibes. The entire house is illuminate by the open windows and sliding glass doors, making it feel pleasantly spacious and light. The house has four bedrooms, a lighted pool deck, a private pool, and a badminton court. Since it is an EKO STAY hotel, guests can be guarantee that their accommodations will be of the highest calibre.

White Waters Villa in Lonavala

The luxurious 5 BHK Ekostay White Waters Villa in Lonavala emanates grandeur with its grey and white décor. Your attention will be drawn in particular to the house’s vintage antique furniture and the private pool with a waterfall. So, You may escape the humdrum of city life and take in the serene weather in Khandala at this hideaway. You may forget yourself in any room of the villa with your loved ones.

Fern Villa in Igatpuri

Just 5 minutes away from Manas resort in Igatpuri is the cosy, homey 3BHK Ekostay Fern Villa. It is situate in a lovely green area. So, The house has 3 bedrooms, a lovely mountain view, an outdoor community pool, and a well-lit front yard. This location is perfect for a weekend vacation for a group of friends searching for a cheap stay because of its big environment. For 8–10 people, it works perfectly.

To know more about the various locations in which Ekostay has homestays to offer to you. And Igatpuri and Lonavala villa price visit

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