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Top Highlights of The Blue World Trade Center

Blue World Trade Center is a gateway and smart high-rise design in the industry of Pakistan. It is the first property exchange tower in the country and features all the services and amenities that make the business more efficient and convenient. It is present in Rawalpindi and will become the first commercial address in Rawalpindi for real estate brands and firms. In this article, we will cover the highlights of BETC. Let’s move towards it.

Blue World Trade Center Location

When investors think about investing in any housing society, the project’s location is the most important. The Blue World Trade Center Location is in Rawalpindi, and it is easily accessible from the Grand Trunk Road. In addition, it is only a few minutes away from the renowned business zones of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

The Blue World Trade Center Developers aim to develop the best trade center where eco-friendly activities will increase. The center holds the best amenities and facilities that will increase business and boost tourism and trade in the country. The main highlights of the BWTC are:

Twin Tower Replica

The Blue World Trade Center will be a replica of Petronas Twin Towers. It is a massive undertaking, and the original tower present is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. These towers were the tallest buildings in the world from 1998 to 2004. Now, its duplicate will be built in the Blue World City with a 23-story structure. The parking of the trade center will be in a three-level basement.

Moreover, as there are 23 floors, a commercial business will be available on many of these floods. There will be a skywalk between these two towers. Both towers are linked with each other via a bridge. We can say that the Blue World Trade Center BWTC will be a skyscraper. A tall skyscraper with all the amenities required to live a luxurious life.

Meeting Rooms

There will be various function rooms and bedrooms in the trade center for the accessibility of the commercial sector. These rooms are specially designed for corporate meetings and corporate events. There will be a setting feature with efficient multi-media resources and outstanding air conditioning units. The Blue World Trade Center Height will be the same as the original Petronas Twin tower. 

Corporate Offices

Corporate offices are available for employees to work among the Blue World Trade Center amenities. In addition, there will be individual cubicles, workstations, and offices in the corporate offices. The offices will be fully air-conditioned for the comfort of the staff, and there will be free availability of Wi-Fi for the staff. There will be a separate lounge room where employees can rest and relax during break time.


The best feature and highlight of the Blue World Trade Center is the availability of premium hotels that will offer personalized services. The hotels will provide sophisticated lodgings and a wide range of conveniences to the residents. These hotels tend to give the decor, guests convenience, and luxury encounters that surpass and meet their highest expectations.

Blue World Trade Center Fully-equipped Apartments

Blue World Trade Center also features fully equipped apartments which provide the best feeling of having all the necessities of life. Here you will find all the facilities usually not provided in fully furnished residences. So, if it’s what you want, BWTC provides you with fully furnished and equipped flats. In addition, blue world trade center file verification is also easy, and you can easily do it online by visiting the official website of Blue World City.


The next main highlight of the BWTC is the availability of a fine-dining cafeteria and restaurants. The service of a restaurant in the trade center will be available for both the business hub and the inhabitants.


Blue Group of Companies is taking Pakistan’s trade sector to the next level with the development of the first property exchange tower in the country. The center will be a property development hub in the country in the form of innovative building design. In addition, it will be the hub of all the amenities and features that enhance business functionality and productivity.

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