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Top 5 Destinations to Explore in St. Thomas

There are so many things to do in St. Thomas! You can explore the rain forest, visit famous beaches and dive into crystal-clear waters. Not only are there great snorkeling spots in St. Thomas, but you don’t need to be a diving pro to enjoy it—just wear your snorkel gear and let the natural beauty of this place take over.

Buck Island

Buck Island is a popular destination for cruise ship passengers. It’s not known as an ideal snorkeling spot, but it does have some interesting features. You’ll see sharks, rays and turtles in the water here—so if you’re looking for a little action on your vacation (without spending too much money), Buck Island might be worth checking out!

There are several dive sites nearby that allow visitors to explore underwater caves and wrecks without having to worry about getting wet themselves. There’s also plenty of space on the island itself: there are several spots where you could spend hours enjoying a day at sea while enjoying breathtaking views of St Thomas beyond its surface waters

Drake’s Seat

There are many great spots for snorkeling in St. Thomas, but if you’re looking for a scenic spot that is also easy to get to and offers plenty of marine life, then Drake’s Seat is worth checking out. This small island has been used as an anchorage by sailors since the 17th century, when it was first discovered by Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to the Americas. Today there are still plenty of ships moored here—and some people have even gone so far as to live aboard them!

Magens Bay

Magens Bay is a beautiful place to visit if you’re looking for a snorkeling trip. Located on St. Thomas, it’s one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Caribbean. The bay has many coral reefs and other aquatic life that makes it an ideal spot for divers and snorkelers alike.

Magens Bay is also home to some great turtle sightings, so if you’re visiting this area with your family or friends, plan to stop by Magens Bay Beach Restaurant & Dive Center (see below) for lunch or dinner before heading back out on your adventure!

If there are sharks around when you go swimming in Magens Bay Beach Resort & Spa’s pool area then do not worry because they will not bother anyone who is there enjoying themselves safely away from them!”

Sapphire Beach

Sapphire Beach is a great place to snorkel. It’s a short walk from the Sapphire Beach Resort, and there are two different snorkeling sites: one on the left side of the beach, and another on the right. The best way to get here is by taxi or private car (there is also public transportation).

The first thing you’ll notice when you arrive at Sapphire Beach are all these beautiful pink fish swimming around in an ocean full of coral reefs! There are tons of different kinds of fish here — stingrays and turtles among them — but if you’re looking for something more specific than just seeing lots of colorful animals then try following along with one guide who will show you how all these creatures live together peacefully under water without hurting each other like we do above ground every day here on land where humans live too…

St. Thomas tours and excursions

You can find a wide variety of tours and excursions to choose from in St. Thomas. The best way to see the island is through private or small group tours, which can be booked directly with local operators. To get started, visit one of our recommended tour providers and ask questions about their services or availability before making your booking!


So, do you have the itch to take a sightseeing tour in St. Thomas? Don’t worry if you don’t have much experience or gear yet, we’ve got some great places for beginners to try out their first dive or two! You can even rent something new and enjoy some extra tips from our staff on how best to ensure safety when underwater. Once your trip is over, make sure not only did you get some amazing photos but also learned a few tricks that will help keep you safe next time around!

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