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Top 10 things to do in Las Vegas from The Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

What springs to mind immediately when you think about Las Vegas? Slot machines, all-you-can-eat buffets, and bright lights?

Just venture off the Strip to discover that Vegas is much more than just casinos, showgirls, and copious amounts of food and drink. There are activities, sites, and experiences to occupy even the pickiest adventurers, from close downtown Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon.

Here are the top 10 things to do in Las Vegas from the Grand Canyon Helicopter tours:

1. Go to the Grand Canyon

Did you realise that Las Vegas is only a few hours away from one of America’s most famous sights? The Grand Canyon West area may be explored in just three hours, whereas the South Rim takes roughly five hours to get to. Visit the Grand Canyon Village, stroll along the Grand Canyon Skywalk, or take the Grand Canyon Helicopter tour to reach the canyon’s interior depths. Even a leisurely trip down the Colorado River is an option.

Fortunately, several excursions will take you on a short-haul flight from Las Vegas to the airport serving Grand Canyon National Park. Just south of Grand Canyon Village in Tusayan is where you’ll find this airport. The airport I mentioned earlier in this article for flights from the South Rim is the same one I’m mentioning now.

The Grand Canyon’s biggest and deepest area, the Dragon Corridor, is the first place you fly over in a helicopter. The 25–30 minute out-and-back route is this one. They will then offer land transportation into Grand Canyon National Park after that. You can also take in some of the expansive views along the South Rim’s edge from here. Finally, you take the same prop jet back to Las Vegas.

2. Fremont Street: 

The core of downtown Las Vegas is Fremont Street, sometimes referred to as “Glitter Gulch.” Fremont Street, a pedestrian-only road just 7 miles from the Strip, is crammed with activities and attractions like casinos, live music venues, zip lines, and light displays thanks to the LED-lit canopy. There is no way to miss Fremont Street if you are in Las Vegas.

3. Go to the Museum of the Mob

A visit to the Mob Museum is like stepping back in time and into the sordid side of Vegas. Explore this interactive downtown museum to learn about the history of organized crime, from the creation of the mob to the headlines of today. You will see both sides of the conflict between the law and the mob.

4. Drive a Luxurious Car

You can select your ideal vehicle from Exotics Racing’s vast inventory of exotic vehicles. Speed around the 1.2-mile racetrack at 130 mph as you navigate its seven twists and a 1,800-foot straightaway.

5. Check out Neon Boneyard

Visit the Neon Museum to see this storied collection of recognizable signs from Las Vegas. As you take a guided tour of the “Neon Boneyard,” you will discover the history of each of the more than 200 legendary neon signs. Every day of the week, tours are offered.

6. Discover Red Rock Canyon 

Only a short drive from the Strip, discover the genuine desert splendor of the Southwest, complete with soaring red cliffs and an abundance of wildlife.

On one of our guided tours, which leaves daily from the majority of the big hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, you may explore Red Rock Canyon. Experience the red sandstone cliffs up close and personal on an SUV trip that includes 13 miles of off-roading.

7. Check out a shark tank

Visit the Golden Nugget in downtown Las Vegas to learn more about the ocean’s most misunderstood residents. Take a trip through the shark tank or even go down the three-story waterslide.

8. Visit Death Valley.

On this incredible tour of the hottest spot on Earth, discover why it’s dubbed “Death Valley” and visit Scotty’s Castle. Visit a real ghost town, get your official Death Valley Explorer Certificate, and take in some breathtaking geological formations.

9. Wander around the Botanic Gardens

Life is thriving in the desert! Visit the Springs Preserve to see for yourself and explore its various attractions and gardens, which include a sizable botanical garden with the greatest collection of Mojave Desert cacti and succulent species, as well as a butterfly garden.

10. Visit Hoover Dam

Visit one of the most amazing engineering feats in the world. Explore the enormous generators deep inside the Dam, go on a leisurely ride down the Colorado River or Lake Mead, or combine your visit with a trip to the Grand Canyon.

Make sure to buy your tickets in advance to take advantage of all the fun that this trip holds along with the Grand Canyon Tour. Get ready for this Grand Tour. Bon Voyage!

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