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Top 10 Shopify Apps a Shopify Plus Developer Can Integrate and Configure

What is it that eCommerce merchants love so much about Shopify? Well, there’s more than one thing.

How about the fact that there is a whole Shopify ecosystem devoted to supporting Shopify merchants?

How about the fact that there is a wide range of Shopify-specific apps on the app store that can totally revolutionize business?

Check out these top 10 Shopify apps that a Shopify Plus developer can integrate and configure for your online store.

1. ReConvert

ReConvert is a really unique Shopify app that lets you create a custom thank you page for each customer that advertises opportunities for upselling and cross-selling – allowing you to convert a one-time customer into a potential repeat customer, maximizing overall customer lifetime value.

2. Heyday

Tired of answering the same questions over and over again? At your wit’s end when it comes to budgeting for strapped customer service teams? Use Heyday, a Shopify app that easily and effortlessly automates a chat function by using advanced AI and customer FAQs. It can improve the customer experience and help you cut costs in one fell swoop.

3. BetterReplay

BetterReplay is a remarkably innovative Shopify app that records your users’ sessions so you can see just what actions they took while on your site. What items did they look at? What item listings generated clicks? Which pages had the highest exit rates? BetterReplay can help you answer all of these questions and more.

4. Keeper

The overall average shopping cart abandonment rate is just about 70%. That’s too high. Keeper can help turn that around by remembering customers’ cart history regardless of device – creating a streamlined, one-point shopping experience, whether on a desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet.

5. Jebbit

Jebbit is a really helpful Shopify app that lets you create quizzes that customers can take to help them find the perfect product solution. Sounds like a gimmick on its surface, but customer experiences with Jebbit have been remarkably positive and most find it engaging and helpful.

6. Easyship

This one’s for the Shopify customers that ship around the world. While it doesn’t offer the same advantage for some domestic merchants, if your Shopify store sells internationally, Easyship will help you lower shipping costs by connecting you to providers which offer pre-negotiated rates.

7. Route

Modern online shoppers want to know not only when their packages are coming, but where they are right now. The Route Shopify app offers package tracking as well as package protection, including Green Package Protection, which offsets shipping costs.

8. Loox

This has to be one of the best Shopify apps of all. It lets customers easily share reviews and photos. Or rather, it makes it easier for you as the online store admin to advertise those reviews and photos. And guess what: sharing reviews and photos has the potential to boost your conversion rate by a factor of 2.7.

9. Appstle

Appstle makes it easier than ever to create a subscription-based model, even for products and stores that traditionally have not followed one. The app allows customers to subscribe to all different sorts of products, improving the shopping experience and boosting repeat sales for Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants that use the app.

10. Printful

Last but not least we have Printful, which offers amazing value for merchants that sell semi-customizable goods like bags, hats, and t-shirts. Printful makes it easy for customers to order a custom product, and the app handles shipping, inventory, and production.

Need a Custom Solution? Contact a Shopify Plus Developer

While the Shopify app store offers some pretty cool solutions to basic issues that most Shopify merchants face, sometimes the only legitimate solution is a custom one. Shopify design and development services are made to solve that problem.

A Shopify Plus developer can create that for you, from scratch. Simply get in touch with one and let them know what sort of experience you’d like your online store to offer – and let them work their magic.

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