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Tips To Find The Right Cbse School For Your Child

The trend of getting an education through CBSE board is at its peak in India. Parents are looking for the best CBSE schools in Alwar or all over India that offer quality education. One of the big reasons for the trend is that everyone wants their children to learn English, and the CBSE study curriculum offers the same.

Those times had gone when only children of urban areas were getting English medium education. In today’s education space, children of rural areas are also taking advantage of CBSE education as the availability of English medium schools is increasing day by day in remote areas.    

While CBSE or Central Board of Secondary Education follows English and Hindi as the study curriculum, State Boards focus on regional languages. This is one of the reasons for the popularity of CBSE schools, which is why they are called English medium schools.

Moreover, this post will share tips to help you choose the right school for your children. Keep reading to learn more.

Things to keep in mind when searching for CBSE-affiliated schools

1.    Reputation of academics

This is one of the first points to consider when looking for an English medium school for your loved ones. It is very important to ensure the academic track record of your school and if the school has won any awards of excellence. It will be good if the school you want to choose is featured among the top 10 schools in your city or India. 

2.    Theoretical and practical experience

Keep this point in mind when looking for CBSE schools in Alwar or anywhere in India. This is what can make or break your child’s educational career.

If you put your child in a school that only fills theoretical knowledge in your child’s brain, your child will not be able to generate good results in the future. Instead, find a school that doesn’t only provide theoretical knowledge but offers a curriculum with several practical learning experiences.     

Fortunately, it is easy to find such a school these days. Knowledge City School is one of those schools that can build your child’s future with the foundation of practical learning.

3.    State-of-the-art facilities

If your child is ready to get admission to a CBSE school, consider the offered facilities. This is because your child spends a significant amount of time in school. And if the school facilities allow them to grow and develop, they can achieve anything.

Moreover, if the school has state-of-the-art facilities and amenities, you can consider it for your little one. Never be in a hurry to choose any random schools. Take your time and find an English medium school your child deserves.

4.    Extracurricular activities

In addition to great school infrastructure, education is incomplete without offering extracurricular activities to children. Yes, you heard the right. A good CBSE school will offer many activities that help grow mental and emotional health.

School activities can be anything from music, fun games, field trips, dance, and more. Your child will enjoy doing all these things.

5.    Make sure you get more than you spend

While most CBSE schools charge a high fee on the name of different charges, not all schools work this way. After all, when looking for a CBSE school in Alwar or anywhere in India, see if you get your money’s worth in the form of high-quality education. Make yourself aware of the things that require you to spend more money without getting any value.

6.    See if the school has good teachers.

After your child leaves home for school, they are in the hands of teachers. So, it is critical to confirm if the teachers are good and inspire children to study. Most importantly, don’t forget to ask the school management about the employed teachers’ backgrounds.

7.    Ask if the schools help grow non-academic skills. 

Besides learning things from the academic syllabus, if the school provides an opportunity to learn non-academic skills, it will be really great. This skill can be anything from participating in sports, dance competitions, and more.


You can consider these points when looking for a CBSE school in Alwar. While it will help you make an informed decision, finally, it is your instinct what you will choose.

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