Tips For Decorating Birthday Party With Foil Balloons

You already love balloons as a child, right? Blow up and see how the color and shape change or even catch a rare moment when your grandma buys you a foil balloon bouquet at the fair – unforgettable! Our tips for balloons decoration

Balloons have been a big hit when it comes to decoration for a number of years. There is an almost infinite number of colors and shapes, and even lettering in rose gold cursive has been added!

Balloons decoration is quick and easy. A bunch of balloons is impressive and relatively inexpensive. In the following, you will learn tips for handling, filling, and balloons decoration.


Latex or Foil Balloon – Which is Better?

It depends. Latex balloons are more matte or semi-matte, foil balloons shine.

Latex balloons are cheaper, but hold air and helium less long than foil balloons. They are elastic and can also be modeled. This property of the material means that air and gas can escape more quickly. After just a few hours, the helium escapes and the balloon begins to sink.

Foil balloons are more noticeable and more durable. They come in many different shapes and colors. They are ideal for decorating because you can fill them with gas the day before. Due to their material, however, they conduct electricity, so do not come near power lines! Balloons made of latex are better for letting them rise, for example with a postcard.

How long do balloons float?

How long balloons float depends on the amount of helium they contain and the material of the balloons. With common latex balloons, one speaks of a hovering time of approx. 1 day, whereby the balloon already loses its hovering force after approx. 3 hours. If it contains confetti, the weight of the confetti accelerates this process. Therefore, fill the latex balloons with balloon gas for a very short period of time! The special HiFloat Gel lies like a film on the inside of the balloon and significantly extends the floating force.

Giant balloons can grow up to 90cm and also last up to three days. Inflating them the evening before the event is possible. However, it is then advantageous to protect them from large temperature fluctuations.

Foil balloons, on the other hand, retain their floating force for several days. They can easily be inflated and filled the day before the event, thanks to their special valve, helium can even be refilled several times, provided the balloon is undamaged.

However, not all foil balloons are suitable for filling with gas. Please note the information provided by the manufacturer.

How are balloons filled and sealed?

Traditionally, balloons are closed with a knot. If you find it difficult to do this, you can also use special balloon locks or use a cable tie for purposes other than those intended. The latter is particularly suitable for very large balloons. When handling, however, you should make sure that the balloon remains intact, cable ties can have sharp edges.

Foil balloons usually have a non-return valve that prevents gas from escaping again. They do not have to be closed separately.

When do you fill the balloons to rise on the wedding day?

So short as possible before the auction. As already described above, latex balloons are particularly suitable for this. However, since they quickly lose their floating force, it is advisable to let them rise immediately after filling. Especially if a card with congratulations is attached

How many balloons do you need to decorate?

Of course, that depends a lot on what you want to decorate with balloons. Basically, a bunch of balloons looks more coherent than a single one, unless the individuals are arranged in a row, for example on the pews in the center aisle.

A group of 10-15 balloons is a decorative element in prominent areas of the location, e.g. next to the candy bar, the entrance, or behind the bride and groom.

An eye-catcher is quickly created when you combine different colors with each other. Rosé, white, and blush are very popular at the moment, also as giant balloons with a diameter of 90cm.

Alternatively, whole balloon lettering or words can be used. A script balloon in rose gold is sure to amaze the guests, a big YES in 90cm high foil balloon letters really cannot be overlooked!

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