This Honda 1000 Pioneer Accessory Will Convert Your Side-by–Side into an Impromptu Snow Plow


Winter is officially here (and has been for some time) with some areas of the country recording feet (plural!) of snowfall within the past few weeks.

Clearing driveways, pavement, and other rights of way is nearly out of the question for some. For others, it becomes a waiting game.

But even if you don’t have a truck or a Jeep, if you have a Honda Pioneer 1000 SxS UTV, you may just need the right attachments to convert your “rig” into a snow-clearing machine.

The Pioneer 1000, with its powerful Unicam engine, EPS, and upgraded tires and wheels, is just begging to be put to the test.

And with this Honda 1000 Pioneer accessory, you’ll never look the same way at a deep snow drift again.

KFI UTV Heavy Duty Plow Kit

This KFI UTV Heavy Duty Plow Kit (designed for UTVs with winch kits already installed) is compatible with a wide range of popular UTVs and comes with a plow mount, push tubes, and a blade, and is configurable with a variety of optional add-ons.

The plow kit is configurable with one of 5 blades; it comes either with a 60” steel blade (standard), although 66” and 70” steel blades are available. The kit is also configurable with 60”, 66”, or 72” Pro-Poly blades.

Their Pro-Series (steel) blades are 16” tall, with 3/16” steel ribbing for a secure bolt-up to the tube. They also feature grade-8 steel wear bar bolts for extra durability, as well as adjustable, heavy-duty 3” diameter grade-50 steel skids.

Their Pro-Poly blades, which are made in the United States, are 21” high (27” with the snow flap) and feature a dual-curvature face for efficient snow removal. They also come with heavy-duty, fully adjustable steel skids and feature 3/16” grade-50 steel rib and frame construction.

Both the Pro-Series and Pro-Poly blades come with wear bars as well as a 2-year KFI warranty.

These plow kits are also configurable with plow actuators, plow straps, plow markers, plow lever kits, and plow pulleys.

The optional plow actuator features a complete wiring kit that offers 25° of adjustability in both directions, the plow strap replaces the winch cable/strap during plow season to save wear and tear on the cable, and the plow markers improve your blade-end visibility for more efficiency and greater safety during operation.

The plow lever kit repositions the lift attach point which diminishes strain on the winch kit during use and is fully adjustable, whereas the plow pulley replaces the winch fairlead and provides a larger diameter roller for smoother operation which also diminishes strain on the winch.

Regardless of your configuration and the optional add-ons you choose, this plow kit can utterly transform your Honda Pioneer 1000 into a fully-capable snow plow during the winter months, completely revolutionizing how you clear snow from paths, driveways, roads, sidewalks, and lots.

Learn More About This Honda 1000 Pioneer Accessory at UTV Direct

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They carry this KFI plow kit (and others) along with a huge collection of other Honda Pioneer parts and accessories, including but not limited to skid plates, lift kits, cab heaters, winch kits, sound bars, mirrors, windshields, and much more.

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