These are the main disadvantages of daylight saving time

Daylight Savings time is one of the most annoying parts of the world every spring. When we think of the time change, we automatically think of our time zone being out of sync with the rest of the planet. But we have come to understand that many of the other ways that daylight savings time affects us are far more boring and annoying than the time change itself.

If you’re like so many people, your eyes are red and you feel groggy after a long day at work or at the office, a time change might help you. If your office is open for business during the daylight savings time, you might be in for some weekends sleeping in on extended weekend days. Before your employer lets you take off, we want to make sure you understand what the daylight saving time is; and how this affects your productivity at work.

Summer time is a measure that was implemented in 1996, during the six-year term of former President Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de León, with the main objective of taking advantage of the natural light provided by the Sun; Likewise, it seeks to reduce the consumption of electrical energy during this period of time.

Despite this, in recent weeks the time change has been a topic that has given rise to talk in the Federal Government. The Chamber of Deputies has analyzed eliminating this measure since, in the words of the President of Mexico, the benefits that this schedule can provide are not well known.

If you think the same, here is a list of the main disadvantages that summer time offers: remember that before you go to sleep on Saturday, April 2, you have to advance your clock one hour.

What are the disadvantages that daylight saving time brings?

Getting the Daylight Saving Time change wrong is such a big mistake. It involves adjusting clocks across the country, which may be a particularly painful undertaking. While you may have to adjust your clocks to reflect the change in time, it can be done correctly. However, there are some things that you miss out on if you don’t do it correctly. So what are they?

If you’ve missed the previous two months of daylight hours, you can make up for it with a tutorial on how to switch your clocks back. However, the sun has already risen for the first time in almost a decade on New Year’s Day. As consumers might not want to waste the daylight hours, we’re here to show you a guide on how to quickly switch your clocks back again.

There really aren’t any daylight savings holidays in the normal sense. Instead, we have a system of time zone changes that suggest that the world has been running slightly off schedule for a day or two. I know a lot of people are use to the idea of sunrise on the same day that it occurs in the Eastern Hemisphere year-round, but that concept is incorrect. Many countries (including Canada) have Daylight Savings Time. These are some important points.

Affects school and work activities

Most Mexicans are not use to these types of changes, so it can take days or even weeks to adapt to the new schedule. This can also have negative repercussions both at school for students and at work for employees.

Increased insecurity in the mornings

By advancing the clock one hour, all workers who start their respective jobs early are in greater danger since dawn takes time to arrive.

Little or no energy savings

Although this measure was impose to reduce electricity consumption in different homes in Mexico, the reality is that savings are not very noticeable.


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