The Top 10 Biggest Lottery Winners of All Time

Most individuals want to win the lottery, yet doing so is challenging, if not impossible. The likelihood of earning the ultimate prize is quite remote. Since Mega Millions and Powerball increased the number of numbers in their games, the odds of winning the jackpot have fallen considerably farther than the likelihood of getting struck by lightning.

Even though the odds aren’t in our favor, someone has to make money, right? Keep your fingers crossed! If luck is on your side, it may be you. Let’s look at the top ten lottery winners in light of this.

1,$1.58 billion from Powerball (three winning tickets)

The greatest lottery prize ever given was a mind-blowing $1.58 billion. You did read that right, I assure you! Three lucky players purchased tickets on January 13, 2016, in Tennessee, California, and Florida and shared this great jackpot. Since other winners were hesitant to divulge their identities, only Lisa and John Munford officially accepted their award.

The Florida-based winner decided to donate their wealth to The Nickel 95 Trust. Out of the prize’s total cash value of $983.5 million, the lucky winners each received $327.8 million before taxes. Unquestionably, buying lottery tickets gave them exceptionally favorable results!

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2, $656 million for Mega Millions (three winning tickets)

Three winning tickets were pooled on March 30, 2012, to win the largest Mega Millions prize. Three friends who worked at public schools in Maryland owned one of them: a woman

in her 20s, a man in his 40s, and a woman in her 50s. The two additional winning tickets were bought in Illinois and Kansas, respectively. Each of them received an equal distribution of $474 million in cash.

3. $648 million Powerball (two winning tickets)

On December 17, 2013, the following prize, valued at $347.6 million in cash, was divided between two winners. One of the lucky candidates was Northern Carolina deliveryman Steve Tran, and the other was Georgian citizen Ira Curry. After taxes, they both took home more than $120 million between them.

4. Powerball $590,05,000,000 (Florida)

Gloria MacKenzie, an elderly Florida resident, took home the fourth-largest lottery jackpot in history. She distinguished herself by winning the largest lottery jackpot without having to split it. Gloria MacKenzie, who was 84 years old and played a lottery, won this massive sum ($370.9 million in cash value) on May 13, 2013. She still received more than $278 million even after paying her taxes.

5. $587,500,000 Powerball (two winning tickets)

The massive Powerball jackpot from November 28, 2012, was split between two winning tickets, one owned by Cindy and Mark Hill from Missouri and the other by Matthew Good from Arizona. This huge award was worth $384.7 million in cash, which should be more than enough for most of us.

6. $564.1 million Powerball (three winning tickets)

On February 11, 2015, the massive Powerball prize was split among three lucky winners. One of the winners was Marie Holmes from North Carolina; the others were from Texas and Puerto Rico. They were to share a monetary worth of $381.1 million.

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7. Massive Millions of $536 Million (Indiana)

A few weeks earlier, on July 8, 2016, a winning Mega Millions ticket worth $536 million was purchased at a Speedway in Cambridge City, Indiana. A married couple with children who won the prize created a limited liability corporation to receive it. They also decided to remain anonymous. They demanded the reward in cash. Therefore they received $271 million after taxes and $373.8 million in cash value. The highest cash-value Mega Millions ticket ever is this one.

8. $487 million Powerball (New Hampshire)

A New Hampshire family won the following big prize on July 30, 2016. The ticket holders’ attorneys appeared to collect the prize at the lottery’s headquarters while maintaining their privacy. They selected the cash option, valued at $341.7 million, and received $253.3 million after paying federal taxes.

9. Powerball #448,4,000,000 (three winning tickets)

Next, on August 7, 2013, the following prize on our list was claimed using three winning tickets. Three belonged to South Brunswick resident Mario Scarinci, Minnesotan engineer Paul White, and 16 Ocean County vehicle maintenance workers who were startled to learn they had the winning ticket. They were each given a financial value of $258.2 million.

10. 435.3 million won on the Powerball (Indiana)

A few months ago, on February 22, 2017, a Powerball ticket for $435 million was sold in Lafayette, Indiana. The grateful winner opted to remain anonymous, and their prize was estimated to be worth $263.4 million in cash. It’s not that horrible, if I may add.

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