The Most Convenient Mobile Application Of Insurance Companies – User Rating

A convenient mobile application will help you quickly buy a policy and settle an insured event. We have compiled a rating of applications that will help you choose an insurer. The rating is based on user reviews, the ratings are based on a five-point scale.

– Yugoria

The average score is 3.15.

In the application, you can buy AT&t insurance, property insurance, travel policy and accident insurance. Online customer support available. In case of an insured event, the program will suggest an algorithm of actions.

 Consent Insurance

The average score is 3.35.

Through the application, you can issue and maintain auto insurance, travel insurance, Antiklesh, VHI, accident and property insurance policies. 24/7 call center support is available. In case of an accident through the application, you can call an emergency commissioner and a tow truck. VMI can make an appointment online to see a doctor.

App Consent Insurance in the AppStore.

 Ingosstrakh IngoMobile

The average score is 3.55.

Through the application, you can issue Casco, OSAGO, VHI and property insurance policies. It is stated that it is possible to settle an insured event without visiting the office, sign up for inspection and repair of the car, find the nearest doctor and make an appointment with him.

Ingosstrakh IngoMobile application in the AppStore.

 “VSK Insurance”

The average score is 4.

In the application, the purchase and maintenance of auto insurance policies, VHI, property and travelers are available. VHI insured persons can make an appointment with a doctor. By contacting the operator, you can settle any insured event without visiting the office, the application description says.

Application VSK Insurance in the AppStore.

“SOGAZ – health and insurance”

The average score is 4.25.

In the application, you can issue an electronic medical card and use both the VMI policy and the compulsory medical insurance policy – if it is from SOGAZ-Med. There is an appointment with a doctor, viewing test results and other health information. In addition, in the application, you can buy and use hull insurance, OSAGO, travelers, and property insurance policies. You can apply for insurance cases online and consult a specialist.

AlfaStrakhovanie Mobile

The average score is 4.35.

In the application, you can buy a policy and be served on it. Always available: information about insurance, a statement about an insured event, tracking its status, assistance from a consultant, an appointment with a doctor or for car repair. The list of instructions depends on the type of insurance policy: OSAGO, Casco, VHI, travel, property, mortgage. 

 RESO Mobile

This app is from RESO-Garantia. It offers policies for many types of insurance: OSAGO, Casco, VHI, travel, sports, property, mortgage. However, you cannot buy a policy in the application – for now it only works for settlement. In it, you can report the occurrence of an insured event, sign up for a car repair or see a doctor, ask questions to a personal insurance consultant.

How we ranked

The rating includes mobile applications of 30 insurance companies with the largest amounts of payments in Russia for the period from the second quarter of 2020 to the second quarter of 2021, . All types of insurance were taken into account, except for accumulative life insurance. Applications were taken into account where you can use not only VHI, but also other insurance policies.

We calculated the average rating of apps in the App Store and Google Play as of December 8, 2021, and then ranked from the lowest rating to the highest. The rating included applications with an average score of at least 3. The maximum possible score in the rating is 5.

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