The Mahlkonig E65S & E65S GbW: The Future of Espresso

For nearly a century, Mahlkonig has been famous for making high-end coffee grinders. Hailed as the “King of Grinders,” Mahlkonig coffee grinders and burrs are manufactured in Hamburg, Germany, engineered to deliver outstanding performance, and painstakingly crafted to deliver the most refined coffee experience possible.

Beginning with the Mahlkonig E65S in 2020, Mahlkonig is developing innovations that change barista efficiency, espresso consistency and grinder reliability.

The Epitome of Minimalism and Function
The Mahlkonig E65S sports modern minimalism and performance-driven function, with a slim, sleek modern design and an attractive silhouette.

At 7.6” by 22.9” by 11.1” and tipping the scales at just 28lbs, it’s remarkably compact, yet robust enough to deliver world-class commercial results.

It’s hopper can hold approximately 2.5lbs of beans while the 1700rpm motor and German special-steel burrs grind incredibly quickly and quietly, producing ground espresso at 4-7 grams per second. Your baristas can grind a 19g dose in under 4 seconds, improving bar flow and making sure your customers receive their carefully made drinks lightning fast.

Mahlkonig’s proprietary steel burrs are the product of years of research and are designed to deliver consistent grinds, decreased static, and increased lifespan. The burrs of the E65S are designed to last through 40,000 double shots of espresso. In addition to this longevity, these grinders have been designed to be incredibly easy to maintain, with a burr calibration or replacement taking under ten minutes for any user.

Dosing consistency is also impeccable and maintained within .4g of deviation. When drink consistency is key for any quality cafe, your shots will be spot-on no matter how busy you get.

The Mahlkonig E65S espresso grinder offers near-silent, quiet grinding through 65mm burrs and sports an innovative icon menu and a multifunction push and turn button. It can hold up to 6 programmable recipes and allows for quick, stepless grind adjustment with an independent locking mechanism, as well as an adjustable, removable spout.

Mahlkonig also developed the E65S for ease of cleaning, which is essential for proper grinder maintenance and insurance that your grinder will be running smoothly throughout the day.The grinding chamber and burrs can be easily accessed with the removal of five screwsD, facilitating cleaning, and both can be accessed and cleaned without altering the grinding adjustment.

Easy to use, easy to maintain, simple aesthetics, and precision grinding performance define the E65S as one of the premier grinders in the industry.

Only one question remains: is your coffee shop ready for the upgrade?

For cafes dialing-in their espresso by weight, learn more about the E65S Grind by Weight, the newest development by Mahlkonig that has completely changed the industry.

The E65S GbW
The E65S GbW makes use of many of the features that define the E65S and adds in some functionality of its own – namely, Grind-by-Weight functionality.

It’s designed for real-time scale controlled dosing and features Mahlkonig’s Disc Distance Detection that enables accurate settings for the desired degree of fineness.

It also features Integrated Portafilter Detection to automatically recognize the portafilter and can automatically select the grinding preset.

It also features quiet grinding capabilities, a high-precision load cell, an adjustable illuminated spout, and an Active Cooling System to maintain low grind temperatures, to prevent interfering with the flavors of coffee varietals.

These features reduce training requirements for baristas and help eliminate dosing mistakes, offering unmatching control and automation.

Where Can You Learn More About the Mahlkonig E65S?
Those interested in learning more about the Mahlkonig E65S should visit Visions Espresso online at They carry a wide range of Mahlkonig grinders, parts, and accessories. Visit their website and contact them at 800-277-7277 or at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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