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The Complete Guide: Right Mindset for IIT-JEE

Want to start your prep of IIT-JEE with the right plan and don’t know how to start? Well, you’re at the right place. Today we’ll brief you about the right mindset you should have to clear your exam. 

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try one more time.”                                                

                                                                                                                – by Thomas Edison

To achieve anything, you need to have a positive mindset. History is itself a shred of evidence that people with the greatest minds succeed in their life. 

More than 15 lakh students appear for the IIT JEE Examinations yearly, but only a few thousand can clear it and move on to the next level. How often you’ve noticed that you’ve put so much effort into something but didn’t get the expected result for the same. There’s some reason for it to be happening with you. 

Today we’ll pinpoint some facts you must have the right mindset while preparing for the examination. 

  • As for starters, the right mindset will allow you to focus on significant issues rather than distractions. 
  • These distractions will create pressure on you while studying for the examination. 
  • Using mindful techniques to solve problems can be chaotic with all the distractions.
  • The second thought, “if the answer is right or not,” will sometime lead you to the wrong answer. 

First, go through the JEE Mains question paper to avoid these problems. It will give you the right approach to planning your strategy.

Tips to follow for the right mindset

1. Create a plan ahead of time before starting your preparations. 

2. Make a timetable according to your needs, goals, strengths, and weaknesses.

3. Before starting your preparation, research the textbooks and choose the right ones. 

4. Take a break in between while studying. Once you complete the problems of Physics, then take a break and start chemistry or mathematics. 

5. Follow the JEE Mains previous year’s question papers to also understand the pattern of the questions. 

6. Follow up on the subject by revising them from time to time.

7. Divide the topics into digestible sections and then start your preparation for the examination. 

8. Prepare the list of formulas and keep it in hand to use them in need too.

9. Solve as so, many problems as possible and note down the problems that seem difficult to you for future reference.

10. Do not try to check the solutions before attempting them yourselves, as you’ll not be able to go through them later in the examination. 

11. Always remember to attempt the entire problem as it might become a bigger problem in the future. You looked at the solution and know that you know the answer but what if you forget about it during the examination then what will you do?

12. Avoid following the ‘read and write’ approach with your studies. Try the conceptual approach and understand the cause of the problem before solving it. 

13. Make sure to have a healthy meal and a good night’s sleep every day to make you healthy and for your long-term memory and many more. 

14. Choose the right people to study with. The people with the same goal and the right mindset. 


Start your preparation today. Having a proper mindset as early as possible is the best way to attain career success. These facts will hopefully help you find the right approach to your studies and goals. 

Following a schedule is not a bad thing. It will systemize your studies and also gives you the achievement report of your goals. Therefore, we’ve listed in total 14 tips to follow the right mindset.


Q1. How do I mentally prepare for IIT?

Ans. First, understand that making mistakes is okay as long as you promise to stand up, gain and do the hard work. 

Q2. Can I crack the IIT JEE examination by self-study?

Ans. Trust me, the answer is yes. According to the toppers, it is possible to clear JEE examination alone. You can also take a little help as well with your preparations. 

Q3. Which is the best Youtube channel for JEE preparation?

Ans. Physics wallah is the best for the JEE also for NEET preparation. You can easily solve all your queries regarding the subjects. 

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