The Best Way To Tour The Vatican Museum And What To See If You're Not A Catholic
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The Best Way To Tour The Vatican Museum And What To See If You’re Not A Catholic

Without taking the Vatican Museum tour, a vacation to Rome is not complete. These museums provide tourists with a peek into Catholic Church history and culture through their iconic artwork and breathtaking architecture. It can be overwhelming to know where to begin, though, with so much to see.

This article will address all of your concerns. You can maximize your time and make the most of your Vatican Museums tour by using this advice. This article is also inclusive of people who are not Catholic and are taking the Vatican Tours. So, here goes:

Be mindful of the dress code: Let’s begin with the fundamentals. Within Rome, Vatican City operates as a separate state with its own set of laws. Among them is a stringent clothing code. So, gentlemen, pack your short shorts and hot pants for this vacation. It may be tempting to wear attire appropriate for the weather throughout the summer when temperatures rise. But keep in mind that the ideal approach to the Vatican tours—or really any place—is to be courteous and thoughtful of your surroundings. Covering your knees and shoulders is an excellent general rule to follow. 

Locate the most effective route to take: Okay, you’re dressed and ready to go; let’s go. Lepanto or Ottaviano can be reached by taking Metro Line A after exiting the subway system. Ottaviano is closer, but getting off at Lepanto necessitates a walk through Cola di Rienzo, a prominent shopping district in Rome. Regular buses also provide service to Vatican City. Bus 492 stops at Piazza Risorgimento, which is a 5- to 7-minute walk from the Piazza San Pietro (topped by St. Peter’s Basilica) and the entrances to the Vatican Museums.

Make Online Reservations: Even with all the advice you read about when to go, Vatican City is constantly crowded. Weekend visitors fill the Museums on Saturday and Sunday. Additionally, the establishment closes on Sundays, with the exception of the final Sunday of each month when entrance is free. Do not assume that going to the museums on a Sunday when they are open and free will save you money. There are a lot of people there, which will make your experience unpleasant. The venue is packed on Wednesday when the Pope gives an audience. Tuesday and Thursday are arguably the two best days of the week to visit the Vatican Museums.

Get Around Like a Pro: There is a helpful little Vatican hack to take advantage of if you start your Vatican tour at the Vatican Museums. You can enter the Sistine Chapel through a door marked “tour groups only,” which is located in the upper right corner. You can enter St. Peter’s Basilica through this entrance for guided tours, which leads you along a corridor. It’s true, no joke. The door is very real, and it will let you avoid standing in line again and walking around the Vatican for any time between 20 and hours.

Once inside (Take Your Time): You can’t head straight for the Sistine Chapel since the Vatican Museums have a one-way system of operation. That’s good, actually. Believe me. One of the largest art collections in the world is housed in the Vatican Museums. You can explore more than 7 kilometres and 1,400 rooms, all of which are stuffed to the gills with breathtaking works of art.

Pay Attention to the Headliners: Are you unsure about what to see in Vatican City or how to be certain that you won’t miss all the magnificent major pieces of art? On a tour of the Vatican complex with early access, let a knowledgeable guide show you all the must-see marvels along the way.

Get Something to Eat: You will need a spot to rest if you plan to spend the entire day exploring. Because seeing the Vatican is greatest when you are not starving. Additionally, there are other restaurants around. Rome has numerous fantastic restaurants close to the major sights. However, these are tourist traps as usual, ready to extort growling stomachs with pricey and subpar cuisine. Avoid being taken in by the table pricing that many of the surrounding restaurants use and travel a little farther away to find better-quality, less costly food.

Explore the Vatican Gardens: Though they occupy approximately half of the holy city, the Vatican Gardens are frequently overlooked by tourists. The Gardens were created as a papal retreat in 1279 and are well worth a visit. Open from Monday through Saturday, entry requires scheduling a tour. However, it is well worth the effort given that there are a limited number of tickets and the grounds are always peaceful. 

While taking your Vatican Museum tours, go through this list and make sure that you get your tickets booked online well in advance to beat the rush. Safely travel!

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