The Best Coffee Replacement With Full-Spectrum Herbs

Coffee replacements are usually plant-based powder mixes that are meant to be combined with hot water, for a beverage that somewhat mimics the taste of coffee, as well as its energy-boosting properties.

These products are many and varied, and can differ quite a bit when it comes to the actual quality. If you are curious about finding a replacement for coffee that is actually healthy and tasty, read on!

Why Replace Coffee?

Most of us dearly love our morning cup of coffee and couldn’t imagine life without it. We get grumpy and agitated without it, not to mention having to suffer through a day of caffeine withdrawal. For many of us, that means low energy and headaches.

So while coffee certainly has its benefits, it also has plenty of drawbacks. The reasoning behind coffee replacements is that the energy and mood boosting properties of coffee are certainly great, but what if you could capture these effects with fewer side effects?

When searching for viable replacements for coffee, there are certain factors to consider that will make the product in question worth your time. First, does it actually taste good? Not all of us are health gurus that want to endure a foul-tasting concoction just for the health benefits – there’s a certain satisfaction that a good cup of coffee offers. Giving that up means finding something that is at least somewhat close to the same experience.

The other factor to consider is the health aspect. What is in this coffee replacement? What you want to focus on are the herbal components, specifically full-spectrum herbs, for the best possible nutritional benefits.

What Does Full-Spectrum Mean?

A full-spectrum herb is a plant that contains a wide range of beneficial compounds, including vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals. 

The idea behind using a full-spectrum herb is that it can provide a more complete range of benefits than an isolated compound, because the different compounds in the herb work together synergistically. 

For example, a full-spectrum herbal extract may contain not only the active ingredient that is responsible for the herb’s primary effect, but also other compounds that enhance the absorption or effectiveness of the primary ingredient, or that provide additional health benefits. Some herbs that are often described as being full-spectrum include milk thistle, ashwagandha, and turmeric.

Coffee Fix From Raw Revelations

If you’re on the hunt for a tasty coffee replacement that will do your morning cup of Joe some justice while also providing you with the energy kick you’re looking for and a wide range of nutrients that will help support your immune system and even your adrenal function, you can’t go wrong with Coffee Fix from Raw Revelations.

They outdid themselves in terms of the formula. With full-spectrum herbs like ashwagandha and holy basil, as well as rye, chicory root, dandelion root, roasted barley, and beetroot, your body will be getting a ton of nutrients with every sip. 

The reviews speak for themselves of course. People say it’s absolutely delicious and actually works as a viable coffee substitute. This is perfect whether you are looking for a healthy alternative to coffee, or are simply trying to get away from the side-effects of caffeine but aren’t that much of a tea fan.

At Raw Revelations you will also find a wide variety of other adaptogen supplements and organic superfood powders, so we recommend that you browse through their entire online store, you might be surprised to find other products that will help you. From stress relief to immune support supplements, they cover just about everything you need in order to give your body the boost it’s looking for.

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