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The 10 best cities to visit in France

France is one of the most visited countries in Europe, with a population of 66 million people and some spectacular scenery. There are over 28,000 archaeological sites to explore, countless museums to see, and over 300 vineyards to sip on red Bordeaux wine. France also has some amazing cities that are worth visiting. Here are the 10 best cities in France to visit.

#1 – Paris, France

It’s hard not to fall in love with Paris. The city is a maze of narrow, winding streets, with dramatic architecture and history dating back centuries. In fact, many notable historical figures were born in or near the city; Napoleon Bonaparte was born here, as were Victor Hugo and Charles de Gaulle. The Louvre is one of the most visited museums in the world, featuring more than 35 kilometres of artwork. The Pont des Arts is a popular spot for visitors to meet and greet as a stopover during their Louvre Museum Tour.

#2 – Cannes, France

Cannes has the title of being one of the most visited cities in France. It’s also considered one of the most beautiful European cities, with many beaches stretching along its coastline. The main beach is Croisette, known for hosting the annual Cannes Film Festival. Along with blue waters and sun-kissed shores, you’ll find hills that overlook the city and its various beaches. There are also hundreds of shops and retail outlets to visit when vacationing here.

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#3 – Bayonne, France

Bayonne is a city in southwest France, located on the shores of the Atlantic ocean. The city has many famous landmarks to visit, including the Canal du Midi and many mediaeval castles. The city centre has mediaeval architecture, museums, attractions, and other cultural landmarks. The city is home to many immigrants, with most of the population speaking French, Basque, or Spanish.

#4 – Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg is a city located in eastern France. The city has an impressive architectural history dating back to the 15th century; visitors can tour the Grand cathedral and visit many museums and attractions in the area. The city is very important to French history, as the headquarters for the European Parliament sits here. The European district of Strasbourg has a population of over 700,000 people.

#5 – Marseille, France

Marseille was founded by Greek settlers in 600 BC, making it one of the oldest cities in Europe. The city has a rich history and many incredible landmarks to visit, such as Notre Dame de la Garde and Stade Velodrome Stadium. The city has a population of over 850,000, making it the largest city in France’s Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. Marseille is best known for its Mediterranean climate and excellent cuisine.

#6 – Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is an important port city in southwestern France located on the Garonne river. The town has several parks and squares worth exploring, with many great restaurants and wine to sample. The city is also home to several museums and other centres of interest, featuring a wide array of artworks and historic items. The Notre Dame Cathedral is found in the heart of Bordeaux.

#7 – Nice, France

Nice is located on the French Riviera, making it an excellent destination for beach lovers. The city has a lot to offer tourists; its most famous landmark is Castle Hill, which offers amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea. The Matisse Museum here features many paintings by famed artist Henri Matisse. The city is also a popular vacation destination, frequently visited by Europeans.

#8 – Nantes, France

Nantes has a rich history; it was founded in the 6th century, making it one of the oldest cities in France. The city has several large parks where visitors can enjoy nature and relax. Nantes is the largest city in the Loire-Atlantique department, often called the Green Venice due to its many canals. Visitors can take boat tours on these canals and enjoy their gorgeous scenery. Nantes is also home to other attractions such as museums, art galleries, and restaurants.

#9 – Montpellier, France

Montpellier is a southern France city located inland from the Mediterranean Sea. The city has a population of approximately 340,000 people. It has one of the best universities in the country, as well as several museums and other landmarks. The city is popular with tourists enjoying the beautiful coastline and sandy beaches nearby. The city is also home to many universities, including the largest business school in France, the INSEAD.

#10 – Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is a city located on the Garonne River. The town has several large parks and statues of famous French musicians throughout the area, such as Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis. Bordeaux has a high percentage of immigrants who are from Asia and Africa. These immigrants have helped make the city a multicultural place.

France has many great cities with beautiful architecture, culture, and other landmarks to explore. France is one of the most popular destinations for holidaymakers, with good reasons to visit, such as great history and attractive landscapes. Many people return to these places yearly, making them some of the best holiday destinations in Europe.

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