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A pitch or sports ground is an area of play outdoors for different sports. The term”pitch” is frequently found in British English, while the comparable term that is commonly used American as well as Canadian English is playing field or sports field.

For most sports the official term is field of game even though it is not often used by people outside of the refereeing or umpiring circles. The field of play usually comprises out-ofbounds spaces that players are likely to enter while playing the game, like the space beyond the touches in association football or rugby, or the sidelines in American or Canadian football and hockey, or”foul territory” for baseball “foul territory” in baseball.

The surface of a pitch is mostly made up of sod (grass) however, it could also include artificial turf(also known as sand) clay, gravel, concrete or other substances. A playing field on ice may be referred to as a rinkfor instance an ice hockey field, but rink can also be used to refer to the entire building that is, as in the sport of curling, to either the structure or a particular team.

In the sport that is cricket, the pitch is not referring to the whole field of play, but the area on which batting and bowling takes place in the centre area. The pitch is prepared differently to the rest of the field to give a harder surface for bowling.

A pitch is usually an official space, as on a football field.

The term”level playing field” can also be used to denote fairness even in non-sporting human interactions, like business , where there aren’tional both winners and losers.

Game court

Game courts are the names used for the multi-sport area, typically outdoors, where such games as basketball volleyball, paddle tennis and other racquet sport, and up to 12 more sports and games can be played. They’re usually smaller than a regulation tennis (120 60’x120′) 60′)or basketball (84’x50′)court and there is no defined size or dimensions for a game court. The concept of a game court was popularized through Sport Court in the 1970s and a few generic references are made to game courts as ‘sport courts’. However that is a trademark of Connor Sport Court International, LLC. Game courts are usually situated in backyards for residential use that offer families and their children opportunities to exercise and play close to home.

Game courts are built with a rectangular sub-base constructed of asphalt or concrete. They are followed by the open-grid polypropylene (or similar) sports surface for improved safety. They are usually equipped with athletic equipment, including basketball goals, nets designed for racquet sports as well as volleyball and badminton. lighting systems for nighttime play and ball containment nets, soccer and hockey goals markers or lines that are used for different sports, and practices or training equipment can as well be added to the design.


The playing surface of a court, in contrast to playing on concrete or asphalt–is made for play that is safe as well as to avoid injury. Many people have started using suspended athletic courts to cover old athletic courts such as tennis courts and basketball courts. The surface should provide appropriate the traction required for different activities and sports as well as pressure or force reduction to minimize overuse and stress injuries.

Game courts are typically custom-designed according to the needs of the person or group, and are versatile in offering a variety of games to be played on a relatively small space. A few of the activities that can be played on a game court are enjoyable modifications of other sports (such as tennis played in short courts) that allow for similar abilities to be developed in the “regulation” sport but on a reduced-scale court size. A typical court for games is 50 feet by 30 feet (15.2 millimeters by 9.1 m) could comprise the basketball key and a 3-point line that is arranged around a hoop that is surrounded by short-court tennis lines or pickleball lines (which are also utilized for badminton or volleyball) on the larger size.

Ball confinement

Game courts designed for private use are typically constructed with a high fence surrounding the court to permit protection of the ball in play, and if required, to prevent anyone from getting into. The various materials used have been utilized, such as chain-link fencing, welded wire mesh fences, the mesh of fabric or netting.

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Estadio Olimpico Nilton Santos

National Stadium

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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