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Should You Go For Aluminium Sliding Windows Over uPVC?

If you are in the market for beautiful windows, sliding windows make a great choice. An increasing number of homeowners are opting for these windows owing to their innumerable benefits like unobstructed outdoor views and entry of adequate amounts of natural light. They generally give a contemporary, clean look, suitable for most of today’s modern homes. 

When it comes to sliding windows, you can choose from different materials like aluminium and uPVC. But, which of these materials make a better choice? Continue reading to get an in-depth view into the comparison between these two, which can help you decide whether you should choose aluminium sliding windows or uPVC sliding windows. 

Without further ado, let’s get to comparing the two types of windows based on different aspects.


High-quality aluminium sliding windows can last longer than uPVC sliding windows and hence are more durable. They can last for even fifty years with proper care and maintenance, whereas uPVC windows can last for around thirty years. If you are looking for windows that can last even beyond fifty years, you should go for aluminium windows. 

The best part of aluminium frames or uPVC frames is that they don’t rust, rot or warp, which means that they don’t get damaged even after years. However, aluminium don’t degrade as much as uPVC frames. 

Verdict: Aluminium sliding windows are the clear winner here.

Energy Efficiency

Aluminium is a highly conductive material, so heat can pass through easily. However, window manufacturers use a material known as Aerogel in the frames to ensure high insulation levels, creating a thermal break between the glass panes. So, aluminium sliding windows are highly energy efficient. uPVC is naturally a great material for insulation with high thermal efficiency. You can check the WET (Window Energy Rating) before choosing one. With both, you can keep your house cooler during summer and warmer during winter. 

Verdict: Both aluminium and uPVC windows offer similar insulation levels. When you choose the right manufacturer, you can save on your utility bills with both of these. 


Both aluminium and uPVC are durable and sturdy. They don’t warp or rot. In terms of maintenance as well, both need very low levels of maintenance. They are very easy to clean. All that you need to do is wipe down the panes with a soft, damp cloth. If required, you can even use a glass cleaning liquid or any mild liquid cleaner. 

Verdict: Aluminium as well as uPVC sliding windows are very easy to clean. 


The style of your house will have a greater impact on the windows you select than you would have initially expected. If your house has a modern look, aluminium windows are the way to go as it can give an elegant and chic finish to your property. Buildings in conservation localities or listed properties will need a different style of windows such as uPVC when compared to modern, sleek homes that look great with aluminium windows. 

If you are looking for windows for a cottage, aluminium sliding windows may not be suitable. However, their sleek profile may be appealing when installed in an apartment or a modern home. Both kinds of windows are available in different colours and finishes, providing you with great flexibility when it comes to achieving your overall design goals. 

Verdict: When it comes to aesthetics, you need to consider the features of your property so that you can make a better choice out of the two. 


In terms of security, both aluminium and uPVC are equally safe and can be integrated with multiple locking systems and reinforced frames to make them as secure as possible. All such security features make the windows difficult to break in for intruders. Even if you are away from home on a vacation, you can be assured of a safe home. 

Verdict: Whether you choose to go with aluminium sliding windows or uPVC sliding windows, you can be at complete peace of mind. 


Aluminium windows are a little more expensive than uPVC windows but are more durable. The higher cost is due to the excellent kind of material it is and the manufacturing costs. In the long run, aluminium windows are cost effective, but when it comes to the initial investment, uPVC windows are less expensive. 

Verdict: uPVC sliding windows are no doubt cheaper than aluminium sliding windows, but aluminium is more durable. 

In summary, we can conclude that both aluminium and uPVC have their pros and cons. It may  not be just to say that one is better than the other. So, when it comes to deciding the right sliding windows for your property, choose the one that best suits your personal preferences and priorities. Just ensure that you do your research and buy from a reliable manufacturer known for high-quality windows. 

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