Shark Aman Gupta So Impressed, He Invests In And Uses Unstop To Hire His Dream Team

Strip: Democratising hiring in the largest democracy in the world, Unstop is making waves. Sharks just can’t get enough of this bootstrapped startup.

Stop! Unstop! Stop! And thus began the saga of the biggest offer by Sharks in the history of Shark Tank India.

This episode of Shark Tank India S2 is one for the books, as Unstop’s Founder and CEO, Ankit Aggarwal, tossed his unique and compelling pitch to the Sharks. Among them is the beloved shark Aman Gupta, who after listening to the pitch said in jest, “Unstop, stop!”.

As Ankit made his case for why he wanted all five sharks on board, Aman couldn’t help but be impressed by Unstop’s potential for success. And when Ankit revealed the company’s impressive profits and branding strategy, Aman was hooked.

But it wasn’t just Aman who saw the potential in Unstop. Amit Jain offered the highest-ever investment of 5 Crores for 10% equity, while Anupam Mittal offered 1 Crore for 2% equity. Aman and Namita also combined forces, offering 60 Lakhs for 1% equity and 40 Lakhs in debt.

Ultimately, Ankit convinced all the sharks (except Vineeta Singh) to combine their offers, resulting in a whopping 2.5 Crores for 5% equity. Reworking the equity factor, they then revised

the offer to 2 Crores for 4% to which Ankit spread his arms and happily said, “Sharks, deal pakki.

It’s been less than a month since Shark Tank aired, and there’s already been a major development! Wowed by the hiring solutions offered by Unstop, the two companies have joined forces to create a one-of-a-kind challenge called boAt Wavemakers to find the best talent out there.

This real-life business challenge has witnessed 21,256 registrations from 2,758 Engineering colleges and B-Schools. As you are reading this, the top 100 shortlisted teams are working tirelessly to develop their innovative ideas and solutions. The winners will receive cash prizes, boAt products, pre-placement interviews, participation certificates, and one-on-one mentorship sessions with the most beloved Shark Aman Gupta himself.

This partnership between Aman Gupta and Unstop is a true testament to the power of collaboration and investment in talent. For Ankit and his team, it’s the ultimate endorsement of their product and potential for success. And for Aman, it’s an opportunity to mentor and hire the next generation of business leaders.

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