Your Guide to Setting Up a Belkin Range Extender

This particular tutorial will be ideal for you in case you want some assistance while performing a Belkin Range Extender setup. In case you happen to reside in a large apartment which features thick walls, then you might find it quite difficult to get a proper Wi-Fi signal. Fortunately, this issue can be solved by using a wireless extender for boosting the signal so that it will be able to penetrate the difficult-to-reach areas. Here, we like to mention that the Belkin Range Extender happens to be quite simple to use and is quite affordable as well. You can use it for boosting the wireless signal in the best possible way.

Setting up the extender

The process of setting up the extender mentioned here is quite simple and easy. It has to be plugged into an outlet near the router after unboxing it, and we need to start right from there. The setup has to be completed with the help of a tablet or smartphone; however, your computer can also be used if it has got Wi-Fi.

•       Make sure to gain access to a wireless network named Belkin.setup with the help of the device.

•       Go to the page http://belkin.range after opening a browser. Otherwise, you can also try if this is not functioning. A setup page of Belkin will be available in front of you.

•         Next, the button named Get Started has to be selected on the page. The wireless networks available to you will be searched by the service and listed there.

•     Choose the network that has to be extended, and you need to select Next.

•   This should allow the extender to link to the network, and you will need the password for joining. Click Next after entering the password.

•    Verify the network details on the summary page and if it is correct, you need to choose Create Extended Network. In case something goes wrong, you have to choose Edit.

If your wireless network happens to be a dual-band one and you like to extend all the bands, then step 4 and step 5 have to be repeated for the 2.5GHz as well as 5GHz bands. Following this Next has to be selected after adding both the bands and this will help to finish the process.

Positioning the extender

After finishing the BelkinWifi Setup, it is time for you to position the device in the proper place so as to get the best results. However, where you’ll be placing the device will depend much on where it will be imperative to boost your signal. For example, in case the first floor of your residence does not have a strong signal, it will be a good idea to boost the whole floor. The extender can be placed below the wireless router on the first floor.

Once it is known to you where to place the extender, it can be unplugged from the outlet near the router and it can be plugged into the outlet chosen by you. First, a yellow light followed by blue light will be visible to you after powering on the device. The blue light is going to indicate that the signal is boosted in the best possible way.

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