RV Leveling System: Why It’s Crucial for a Stress-Free Travel Experience

Knowing how to level an RV is a must-have skill for any avid RV owner.

In this article, you’ll get a rundown of the tools and methods you’ll need, as well as some helpful pointers to help you learn how to level your RV.

How Crucial Is It to Get Your RV Leveled?

The slides in a recreational vehicle won’t work properly unless the RV is perfectly level. When your RV isn’t level, the slides’ mechanisms are put under unnecessary stress. Because of this stress, your slides may become stuck, break, or become difficult to move in the future.

It is important to have an RV leveling system so that your equipment works well and you are comfortable.

Also important to note, a level RV aids in the proper functioning of the refrigerator. A gas-absorption refrigerator won’t cool properly if it is tilted. Since liquid ammonia flows through the evaporator coils of the cooling unit, it is vital that the refrigerator be kept level.

Making sure your motorhome is level is also important for your comfort and the comfort of other people, especially when sleeping. There will be less risk of tripping or falling as you navigate the inside of your motorhome.

When the RV is level, the tank level sensors will give more accurate readings as well. Given all of these points, it’s easy to see why a level RV is a necessity.

Tips for Keeping Your Recreational Vehicle Level

We will help you level your RV if you are having trouble doing it yourself. Like any other craft, your leveling abilities will improve the more you use them. Remember this procedure, and if you need to, create a tangible checklist.

Initiate a Site Scan Right Away

When you go to your campsite, take your time and relax. Inspect the area for any potential hazards, such as pits or uneven ground. Park staff will try their utmost to ensure that your campsite is flat, but no campground is perfect, and many are downright rugged. It’s your job to come prepared with the right equipment so that you can have an enjoyable experience!

Other Important Notes

To prevent the RV’s frame from twisting, it is advisable to lift an entire side or end at once rather than just one corner at a time.

Beyond leveling, stabilizing is also something worth noting if you want the best experience possible. Once you make the RV level, you can use stabilizing jacks to keep it where you need it to be. Please note that stabilizing jacks are not the same as leveling systems and should not be relied upon to keep your RV level.

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