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Revealed! Unstop receives Amit Jain’s ₹5 Cr ‘biggest offer’ on Shark Tank India

Strap: Unstop is an Early Talent Engagement & Hiring Platform that has come a long way since its humble beginnings in a college hostel room. Founded by Ankit Aggrawal, the startup is making a difference in the lives of talented individuals from untapped corners of the country.

Talent can come from anywhere, but many students and early professionals may not have the same access to job opportunities as others. And that’s what Unstop is committed to – #GoingBeyondBoundaries and helping people from all walks of life find their place in the job market.

Through its Engagement & Hiring Platform, Unstop connects talented individuals with the right employers and helps students build the skills and exposure they need to succeed. On the other hand, employers leverage Unstop to Brand, Source, Engage, Assess, and Hire the right candidates. Today, the startup has a community of 4.5 Mn+ students, freshers, and early professionals.

However, Unstop didn’t start out with a big investment or a team of experienced professionals. The founder bootstrapped the company, relying on his own resources and hard work to get it off the ground. Recognizing a problem that needed to be solved, he took a chance on his college idea and worked tirelessly to turn it into a successful multi-million dollar business.

“We are thrilled to have received an offer of INR 5 crore on Shark Tank, though we settled for a smaller sum due to lesser equity dilution and more Sharks on the Cap Table”, said Ankit Aggarwal. “This is a testament to the success of Unstop and the potential it has for continued growth. Our mission is to help talented individuals from untapped corners of India find the right opportunities and succeed in their careers.”

One of the most innovative tech products from Shark Tank India, the company is among the top success stories of a student platform in India. Shark Tank India Season 2 Sharks made an offer of 5 Crores for 10% equity, which Ankit declined. Ankit has worked with large teams at Deloitte, Teach For India, Sapient and others and fully understands the value of a team behind the dream.

He declined the offer but the Sharks knew they needed a bite of this. 4 Sharks offered him a deal of 2 Crores for 4% equity. Vineeta Singh was the only Shark that copped out of the deal stating a conflict of interest. However, she made a case for others to invest as she saw the need for platforms like Unstop in a student’s academic and career journey.

The alarming unemployment rate in urban areas, which increased to 10.09% in December from 8.96% the previous month according to the CMEI report, highlights the need for Unstop and the work that it is doing.

Shark Tank has seen many startups come to the light, that solve key problems. These are just the solutions that India needs to surpass its global counterparts. Unstop is pioneering a change with its new-age solutions that level the playing field. A new India is taking shape and if the latest episode is anything to go by, the country is in great hands!

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