Revamped League Training Offer: Boosting Coach Retention and Athlete Skills


Coaching a baseball or softball team requires more than just a love for the game. It demands knowledge, skills, and the ability to effectively organize and execute practices. Many coaches, especially those with little experience, may feel overwhelmed by the task of planning practices or teaching fundamental skills. To address this challenge and improve coach retention, a revamped league training offer has been developed. This comprehensive program equips coaches with the tools they need to run effective and organized practices, ultimately boosting athletes’ skills and abilities for years to come.

The Importance of Supporting Coaches

Coaches play a vital role in the development of young athletes. However, without adequate support and resources, they may struggle to fulfill their responsibilities. In fact, coaches with limited experience or knowledge of the game may even consider quitting mid-season. To prevent this, it is crucial to provide coaches with the tools they need to feel confident and enjoy their time coaching.

The Home Run Training Package

The revamped league training offer begins with the Home Run Training Package. This package is designed for coaches working with Tee Ball up to U12 levels. It includes the Majors Coaching Course, which consists of over 115 professional-quality video lessons. These lessons cover all levels of development, ensuring coaches deliver the appropriate training for their players’ physical and mental abilities.

The Tee Ball Coaching Course is also included in the Home Run Training Package. This course focuses on coaching the fundamental skills required for children aged 4-6. The package provides fun drills and games that engage young players while teaching them important skills.

For coaches working with softball teams, the Softball Coaching Course is included in the Home Run Training Package. With over 113 video lessons, this course covers a wide range of topics, including hitting circuits, throwing progressions, base running, sliding and stealing, catching series, outfield play, situational play, and pitching techniques. It also offers eight sample practice plans ready to be implemented on the field.

To further support coaches, the Home Run Training Package includes access to a private members-only Facebook group. In this group, coaches can share best practices, ask questions, and receive additional free training and resources from experienced coaches.

The Grand Slam All Access Training Package

For more experienced coaches working with athletes aged 13 and above, the Grand Slam All Access Training Package is available. This package includes everything from the Home Run Training Package, as well as additional resources tailored to higher-level coaching.

In addition to the Majors, Tee Ball, and Softball Coaching Courses, the Grand Slam All Access Training Package offers 12+ position-specific and developmental courses. These courses focus on developing specific skills, such as pitching, catching, first baseman techniques, and more. Coaches can also access mental conditioning resources and an 8-week training course to enhance athletes’ mental and physical performance.

The package includes seven categories of developmental drill bundles, covering areas like indoor drills, outfield drills, and team building activities. These drills have been used by renowned coaches to train nationally ranked teams and can be implemented to improve players’ skills.

Similar to the Home Run Training Package, coaches who opt for the Grand Slam All Access Training Package gain access to the private members-only Facebook group. This exclusive community provides a platform for coaches to connect, share insights, ask questions, and access additional resources from experienced coaches.

Benefits of the League Access Membership

By providing coaches with the comprehensive training offered through the revamped league training program, several benefits can be achieved. These benefits include increased coach retention, improved athlete skills and abilities, and a more organized and effective practice environment.

Increased Coach Retention

One of the primary goals of the league access membership is to increase coach retention. By equipping coaches with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively run practices, they are more likely to feel confident and enjoy their coaching experience. This increased confidence and enjoyment can lead to greater coach satisfaction and a higher likelihood of coaches returning year after year.

Improved Athlete Skills and Abilities

When coaches have access to high-quality training resources, they can deliver the best instruction to their athletes. The revamped league training program provides coaches with a systematic approach to development, ensuring that players receive appropriate training based on their physical and mental abilities. By improving coaching skills, the program ultimately enhances the skills and abilities of the athletes.

Organized and Effective Practices

Coaches who have access to the comprehensive training offered through the league access membership can better plan and execute practices. The training resources provide structured lesson plans, drills, and games that keep players engaged while teaching important skills. This level of organization and effectiveness in practices can lead to more productive training sessions and ultimately contribute to the overall development of the team.

Seasonal Access and Accessing the Content

It’s important to note that seasonal access to the league access membership ends on November 1, 2023, regardless of the purchase date. To maximize the benefits of the program, it is recommended to purchase early and provide coaches with ample time to train before the season begins.

After purchasing the league access membership, coaches will be required to provide their names and email addresses. This information will grant them access to all the courses included in the selected package. Coaches will receive an email with their login details, allowing them to access the content on their desktop, laptop, or mobile device. An app is also available for on-the-go viewing.

Unsure? Schedule a Call

If you are unsure which package is best suited for your league’s needs or have any questions, a zoom call can be scheduled with the program coordinators to discuss your requirements. They will provide guidance and help you choose the most appropriate package for your coaches.

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The revamped league training offer aims to provide coaches with the necessary tools to successfully run effective and organized practices. By increasing coach retention and boosting athletes’ skills and abilities, the program contributes to the overall development of the team. With the Home Run Training Package and the Grand Slam All Access Training Package, coaches at all levels can access high-quality baseball training resources and join an exclusive community of coaches dedicated to improving their coaching skills. Invest in your league’s future by empowering your coaches with the knowledge and resources they need to excel.

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