Remote Proctoring is important for maintaining the authenticity of the exam

Remote Proctoring is a critical aspect of conducting exams to certify that a candidate appearing for an online exam is not involved in any suspicious activity. In the conventional form of exams, the human proctor comes and keeps an eye on the candidate during the examination. However, proctoring is a difficult task in online exams. Due to technological outbreaks, remote proctoring has become more effective than offline examination. It offers a cheat-free environment and maintains the integrity of the exam. With Artificial intelligence, remote proctoring is possible through real-time video streaming of candidates to monitor their activity.

Initially, remote proctoring was a luxury, but after the covid-19 outbreak, it has become a luxury. Before that exams were conducted offline at physical centers. Now, when the pandemic strikes remote proctoring is ensuring continuous learning. Multiple factors are contributing to the growth of online proctoring such as scalability and flexibility. It is leading to the increase in the surging demand for remote proctoring. According to the survey, 50% of the institutes are relying on remote proctoring. It has become the need of an hour.

Benefits of Remote Proctoring 

  1. Simple and Convenient: Students are not required to schedule exams or go to the test center for examinations. Instead, they can attempt anywhere and anytime with a remotely proctored exam.
  2. Accessibility: It also accommodates the needs of the students suffering from disabilities from the comfort of their homes.
  3. Fair Play: Remote proctoring plays an essential role in maintaining the authenticity of the exam. Digital transformation is leading to the intensification of many websites where students can access unauthorized websites for exams and papers. Remote proctoring helps in maintaining the authenticity of the exam.
  4. Consistent: Remote proctoring automates the entire process of examination. It also administers the diligence and attention of the examination.

How you can ensure safety in online proctoring? 

  • Training and orientation of proctor: Proctor should be well trained to communicate with the test taker and he should tell the consequences of cheating. Proctors should be well trained and qualified to know about their job roles. Proctor should take proper training and knowledge.
  • Monitor the proctor and test taker; Online proctoring records every move of the test taker and proctor. It will help you to eliminate the misconduct to make it a safe environment.

Hence, it is proven that remote proctoring is an effective tool for maintaining the authenticity of the exam. It is a mix of technology and process design. Universities and institutes are relying on a remote proctoring solution for a secure environment. Think Exam is online exam software and a one-stop solution for conducting remotely proctored online examinations and online assessments for recruitment. It also handles a large number of users with 100k concurrency. Think Exam’s remote proctoring solution restricts all the external applications and upgrades the functionality of the browser, making the examination/assessment safe and secure.

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