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Read Before You Buy A Pre-Owned Boat | Cape Cod Marinas 

The thought of buying a boat is always exciting, and you should generally buy it in close consultation with a reputable boat dealer or manufacturer. Nevertheless, we acknowledge that some cape cod marinas boat buyers might decide to buy a used boat from a private seller in order to lower the cost of their purchase in comparison to the cost of a new one.  

When you buy a used boat from a firm or a broker, you assume the standard business costs incurred by a dealer—the shop time and components the owner may have invested in getting the boat ready for sale, as well as their cost to store and market the boat.

A private seller might also be more eager to sell the boat and open to accepting less money than the market rate. But since this is unquestionably a “buyer beware” situation, it is necessary to have some self-assurance and basic knowledge when purchasing a boat from a seller. 

Here are some suggestions to help you make a successful deal.

Checklist For Purchasing A Used Boat

> Finding a Used Boat for Sale 

A private boat company can advertise a boat for sale in various places, including boat-specific websites and the notice board at your neighborhood bait shop. When you locate a boat that piques your interest, make an effort to schedule a face-to-face conversation rather than an email exchange, which a con artist can exploit. Never even think about purchasing a boat without seeing it first; if it’s across the country, at the very least, have someone you can trust inspect it in person.

To pre-qualify your seller, pose some straightforward inquiries, such as:

  • Where the boat is located;
  • If it’s prepared to be submerged in water;
  • Available service records, with the title in hand;
  • Perhaps most importantly, why are you selling this boat?

> Examining the Boat Before Purchasing

The next step is to inspect the boat, and the difficulty of this step will depend on how complicated the construction is. For example, reviewing a 30-foot, multi-engine center console boat is much simpler than inspecting an aluminum fishing boat with a tiller-steer outboard. Additionally, the more money you have on the line, the more extensive and expensive the boat.

> Executing A Sea Test

Any boat should be sea tested if you are planning to buy from a Chatham boat company.

Meet at the launch ramp so you can see the trailer too. Take the boat for a long enough ride to warm it up and test the systems, and then ask the seller to go over any features you’re interested in. Ensure the trim functions, the lights, and electronics are in working order, the audio system is in working order, and bait well pumps are operating as they should.

> Draft A Purchasing Agreement

Finally, create a bill of sale or boat purchase agreement. A purchase agreement form might be available on a state government website, or BoatUS and the US Coast Guard provide blank forms. The contract should list every item or accessory you anticipate buying, including electronics (serial numbers), extra propellers, coolers, and even dock lines.

As of now, you know everything that can help you in buying an ideal used cape cod marinas boat. 

Last Words 

While purchasing a boat from a Chatham boat company or an individual requires adequate research. Educate yourself with tasks that a good dealer would complete before listing the boat for sale. 

Hence, the extra work could result in a lowering the purchase price of your personal boat. Additionally, a cape cod boat dealer will assist you in getting an adequate used boat for family recreation time or a small vacation with friends. 

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