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Practical Snorkeling Tips for Non-Swimmers

When you, as a non-swimmer, see others enjoying snorkeling, you wish you would do so. But what if we say you can do it too? Yes, as a non-swimmer, you can also take advantage of the Best snorkeling in St. Thomas. But, it is not possible without learning important tips and advice.

In this blog, we will share some tips for preparing a non-swimmer for snorkeling. So, keep reading to learn more.

Tips to get ready for your first snorkeling trip

If you have not tried swimming yet, it may be challenging to plan for a snorkeling trip. But the below tips can help you for snorkeling on your next vacation.    

● Learn swimming lessons

It is obvious that if you don’t know something, you will have to learn it. So, if you don’t know snorkeling, you can take swimming lessons for the same. While you don’t have to become a pro swimmer, you should learn some fundamental techniques to be in the water.

● Test your gears

Remember to test your gear if you are all set for Sightseeing tours in St. Thomas and snorkeling. Having safe equipment is important for snorkeling. So, if you want to buy the required gear, buy beginner-friendly equipment for easy application.

For example, you can consider buying dry snorkels and full-face snorkel masks. In addition to it, make sure you have a snorkeling vest or another floating aid. After all, if you plan to go snorkeling with a professional, they will arrange all the necessary gear for you.

● Practice deep breathing

Deep breathing is the key to successful snorkeling. It helps you stay calm and relaxed when you are inside water. In addition, it also prevents dizziness and adds a lot to your safety.

Tips for trip planning for the Best snorkeling in St. Thomas

● Choose the right snorkeling destination.

Find the right snorkeling beach that is safe for you as a beginner. Take your time doing research and finding the best one for you.

● Don’t go solo for snorkeling.

You should always go snorkeling with someone for safety concerns in the water. Give it up if you are not confident enough for your first round.

● Hire a guide

A snorkeling guide is a must for you. They will assist you in every step to make your trip safe.

That’s all. These are some tips for beginner snorkeling. This will help make your trip safe, comfortable, and successful. Brenda and Franko’s Fun Tours may be the right tour company for Sightseeing tours in St. Thomas and snorkeling. Contact us to learn more.
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