Boat Charter Grand Cayman

Places to Explore When Booking Boat Charter Grand Cayman

Boat tours offer unique opportunities for families and friends to spend quality time together. Plus, everyone can enjoy the thrill of cruising on the open water in Grand Cayman. But what you expect to be enjoyable can instantly turn into a nightmare of frustration. It happens if you don’t book the right boat charter Grand Cayman.

When booking a Grand Cayman boat charter, you have two major options that you need to choose from. You can book a charter with a large corporately-driven vessel for up to 100 friends. Or you may book a private charter for your small group of family or friends. Moreover, you have the option to customize your experience on both types of boat charters.

After booking a perfect boat charter Grand Cayman, the next thing to consider is the right places to visit in and around Grand Cayman. Here are some magnificent destinations to consider during your boat charter trip:

Stingray City

It is one of the most popular destinations in Grand Cayman. It is a great place to visit on boat charter Grand Cayman to experience swimming with and feeding lovely stingrays. But don’t worry. These wonderful water creatures are harmless and get alert to the noise of boats. As humans with food visit this place on a boat, the stingrays come near the vessel. You can feed them from the boat or while getting into the water.

If you come to Grand Cayman and miss out on the Stingray City boat tour, you would regret it.

Rum Point

Situated on the North point of Grand Cayman, Rum Point is a great spot to visit with your family and friends. This spot is famous for its stunning island atmosphere.

This island has gorgeous a white sandy beach, shallow clear waters, and a volleyball court along with picnic tables, shade trees, hammocks, and eateries. Besides enjoying your time on the beach or playing volleyball, you can even consider snorkeling here. During the snorkeling, you will come across different fish species including the native barracuda. This experience will give you a lifetime of memories for sure.

Biobay on Boat Charter Grand Cayman

Biobay (also called bioluminescence bay) is a new attraction in the Cayman Islands. This spot because popular after Hurricane Ivan pushed sand into this bay in 2004. After that, there is too much bioluminescent plankton living in this area. They have grown from ~800K to 1M per gallon of water. Hence, Biobay is now one of the popular places in the Caribbean to witness the illuminating phenomenon.

You need to visit Biobay after the dark to experience bioluminescence at its best. This experience is great for both grownups and kids alike.

Starfish Point on Boat Charter Grand Cayman

Another destination to visit during your Grand Cayman yacht charter tour is Starfish Point. This is a privately owned area on the northern side of Grand Cayman. The spot remains open to the public. As its name suggests, this place is where you can come across stunning Red Cushion Sea Stars. These starfishes are present here in large numbers. 

This destination is ideal for all age groups, including kids. There is a floating jungle gym for kids to play in during their visit. Besides that, Starfish Point provides amazing views of Seven Mile Beach. It simply adds up to a great travel experience that you can enjoy while visiting this area. 

Seven Mile Beach on Boat Charter Grand Cayman

This place nestles on Grand Cayman’s western side and it’s popular as one of the most stunning beaches in the Caribbean.

Seven Mile Beach provides many activity options from scuba diving to snorkeling at hot spots, like West Wall, Cemetery Reef, etc. You can even enjoy other onshore and offshore activities. If you love scuba diving and snorkeling, enjoying these activities in this spot is a must. 

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