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Periodontist Laser Gum Treatment – Top Five Benefits

Lasers are used frequently in dental care for various purposes, including laser gum surgery. A periodontist laser gum treatment near me is the most acceptable alternative to traditional, invasive operations for treating gum disease or improving your smile.

It simplifies your decision if you’re looking for alternative dental treatments.

What exactly is laser gum surgery?

Laser gum surgery is a new procedure that uses light energy to improve your oral health and smile. It’s a technique for killing microorganisms and stimulating bone formation around existing teeth. As a result, laser dentistry can cure hypersensitivity, gum disease, and tooth decay, as well as rearrange gum tissue to lessen the appearance of a “gummy” grin.

What are the top five advantages of laser gum surgery?

Laser gum surgery seeks to counteract the harmful effects of germs and assist you in maintaining a healthy mouth. There are numerous other advantages.

1. It is less intrusive.

Laser surgery is significantly less intrusive than traditional gum surgery approaches. Traditional gum surgery necessitates medical equipment that cuts into the gum tissue, producing painful sores that require sutures and time to heal. Because the laser never cuts into your gum tissue, the danger of infection, sensitivity, and bleeding after the surgery is reduced. This also suggests that the possibility of problems is low. Furthermore, because laser treatment is so light, many patients are less afraid to have their dental health issues addressed.

2. Treats gingivitis

Gingivitis causes gum disease if not treated promptly, and gum disease causes tooth loss if not managed. This laser procedure can help patients with severe gum disease save their original teeth. Furthermore, gum disease causes deep pockets of bacteria that conventional tooth cleaning cannot remove. Even when stuck in deep pockets, a laser is more likely to eradicate all hazardous microorganisms.

3. Enhances the smile

Straight, white teeth give you confidence in your smile. Gums are also crucial for your self-esteem. Do you think your teeth are “short” or your grin is “gummy”? If you believe your gum tissue-to-tooth ratio is imbalanced, it may cause you to be self-conscious about your smile. Laser gum surgery shapes your gums and cuts superfluous tissue to give you a gorgeous smile you’ve always desired.

4. Lasers are accurate.

During laser gum surgery, no healthy gum tissue is harmed. Instead, the laser is used by the doctors at Bahia Dental Group to repair damaged tissue and accelerate the creation of new, healthy tissue. This procedure is exceptionally exact and accurate. The laser distinguishes between healthy and dangerous gum tissue. It also does not affect bones or teeth.

5. Quick recovery

Traditional gum surgery necessitates weeks of recovery, including discomfort, swelling, and a liquid diet. The recovery period for laser gum surgery is 24 hours, and patients usually have relatively minor pain. Because no cutting or stitching is required, the laser procedure allows for a speedy recovery with minimal downtime. Furthermore, by avoiding specific surgical tools like scalpels, your doctor removes less tissue, resulting in less discomfort, bleeding, and inflammation.


Is laser treatment beneficial to the gums?

Gum disease is eliminated through laser gum surgery. It also removes tartar and bacteria from the teeth, improving their health and beauty.

Is laser therapy effective for periodontal disease?

Periodontal may suggest laser periodontal therapy to treat gum disease and safeguard your teeth. Laser periodontal treatment is still roughly 85 percent effective for most patients. A dental laser is used in periodontal laser therapy to remove inflammatory gum tissue from the area around the tooth.

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