telegram to make voice and video calls
Video call through messaging app

People Usually Use Telegram To Make Voice And Video Calls

Telegram is a popular messaging app that is widely used by people around the world. Although it was initially created for sending private messages, Telegram (TG中文)has evolved into an excellent communication tool that allows you to send text messages and videos. Telegram also has some great features like end-to-end encryption, chatbots, stickers, and more! If you are interested in knowing more about Telegram’s features then keep reading this article!

This messaging app beats WhatsApp in many ways.

Telegram is the best messaging app.

It has a better interface than WhatsApp.

It has a better security system than WhatsApp.

It has a better privacy system than WhatsApp.

The encryption method in Telegram is more powerful than that used by WhatsApp and other messaging apps like Viber, Line, WeChat, and others because it uses the MTProto protocol which was developed by Telegram’s founder Pavel Durov himself to improve on Daniel J. Bernstein’s NaCl crypto library called TweetNaCl which means your messages can never be decrypted unless you enter your password correctly or if someone steals your device and accesses them directly through hacking, etc.,

so that way you are always safe from hackers even if they do manage to get into your account somehow because it will not be easy for them since they need two things besides having access to your device: 1) Your login details (name/phone number/email address) 2) Your secret key code(s).

It also offers secret chats which allow users to exchange encrypted messages with each other while hiding them from third parties such as repressive governments who may try stopping private communications between citizens in order not to let them communicate with one another freely without being watched over all the time! This feature can also be used for sensitive business conversations where confidentiality matters most; thus protecting against eavesdropping attempts made by hackers trying to break into their systems during those meetings!

Telegram users can get a bunch of new privacy settings and features.

You can now delete messages.

You can set an expiration date on messages.

You can set a self-destruct timer on messages, which makes it so that the message will vanish from both your and your friend’s Telegram apps after a certain length of time (you can set this between one second and one week).

You can make voice calls on telegram without any fuss.

Telegram is a free app(Telegram免费), available for Android and iOS as well as on desktops. In addition to making video calls, Telegram also supports audio calls over your phone’s internet connection. The app boasts several additional features that are not offered by WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, such as the ability to share high-resolution photos (up to 100 MB), secret chats that self-destruct after a certain amount of time, and end-to-end encryption for all messages sent between users.

The service was launched in 2013 by Russian entrepreneur Pavel Durov — founder of VKontakte (VK) — when he left the social network over disagreements with its management regarding user privacy and freedom of speech issues. The company has been working hard ever since then to become one of the most popular messaging apps worldwide; it now claims 170 million monthly active users worldwide spread across 200 countries/territories who send 15 billion messages per day!

The video calling feature on telegram is great too.

Telegram has a great video calling feature. It’s free, and it works on most mobile devices, as well as desktop computers, tablets, and smart TVs. You can use it to call your family and friends from anywhere in the world.

People use telegrams to send text messages and for many other purposes.

Telegram is a popular messaging app that has many other uses, including sending text messages. But you’ll probably find yourself using it for voice and video calls instead of texting. This is because Telegram users can send text messages, but they can also send files, photos, videos, audio, and stickers to each other.


Telegram(电报) has a lot of features that make it an excellent choice for chat apps. It can be used to send text messages and photos, but it also can make video calls and voice calls. You can even send files up to 1GB! This is great because WhatsApp limits all files sent on their app to just 16MB each—which means you’ll never have problems sending large files over telegram again.

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