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Myths Surrounding Obesity & Your Heart

When your weight is more than the requisite level or your BMI (body mass index) is more than what you should ideally have, you are in the obese category. Increased body weight and fat accumulation cause plenty of discomfort and health issues. It affects your mobility, energy levels, heart health, and almost every other organ. Thus, it is essential to control your body weight and bring it under the required value to work actively and enjoy sound health.

As obesity is a health issue in itself, various myths prevail around it. People have different conceptions about how their body weight can affect the heart and other crucial organs of their body. For example, people believe obesity is the reason behind diseases like mitral stenosis, but that is not the only thing! This misinformation leads to further damage as people take unnecessary steps that do worst to their bodies than good. Hence, your first step towards your well-being should be your awareness of the correct facts.

Myths Around Obesity And Your Heart

Obesity Leads To Heart Attack

It is a common myth that obesity leads to heart attacks! Well, it is not all wrong, but that is not the only reason. There can be multiple reasons for heart disease, and obesity is just one of them. Increased fat accumulation in your body leads to higher cholesterol levels, and it, in turn, leads to ill heart health.

Reducing Weight Will Cure Heart Diseases

Another myth or perception in people is that losing weight will solve all their heart health issues. If you lose weight and adapt to a healthier lifestyle, it will contribute to maintaining a healthy heart. However, if the reason is something else, you need to work on that rather than focusing on weight reduction only.

Obesity Is Fatal

Many people believe that obesity is fatal and that uncontrolled weight is life-threatening. It is not all true! Some people are a little above their standard BMI, but it is not life-threatening for them. They would still be active, and their energy levels may also be high enough to do all their chores efficiently. They may indeed encounter health issues like mitral stenosis if they don’t watch their weight, but it is not necessarily fatal for everyone.

These are a few myths prevailing around obesity and heart health that make people take wrong steps towards their health. Things get worst when they avoid visiting a doctor and taking home remedies or start losing weight using techniques that are ill for their health. So, if you are also obese or have any heart health issues, understand that these two things are not necessarily interrelated. The ideal way to know your situation is to visit your doctor, share your concerns and let him direct your steps towards your well-being.

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