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Myths and Facts about moving to Canada

In this article, we refute all the issues that are recurring themes in immigration myths about Canada and its people.

Statistics about immigration in Canada have proven to be mostly positive over the years. However, many myths still surround immigration, including immigrants taking away from our country’s financial security and not making enough contributions when it comes to society as a whole. This blog will quickly dispel some of the most common myths surrounding Canada’s nation of immigrants, Canada immigration consultancy, and more.

Immigration Myth 1 – The Canadian Economy doesn’t like having Immigrants. They Consider them a headache. 

Canada seeks to strengthen its economy through its immigration policies that focus on attracting the world’s most talented workers. Consequently, a large number of Canada’s immigrants have powerful skillsets that will be of tremendous value to Canadian companies and the country’s overall economy. This is because a considerable diversity in cultural backgrounds can be observed among immigrants. This valuable asset directs foreign business opportunities and diversified mindsets into Canada, benefiting all Canadian industries. 

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Immigration Myth 2- Immigrants take away job and work opportunities from Canadians

Not everyone agrees on why immigrants are brought to Canada during times of economic uncertainty, job shortages, or all-time high unemployment rates. However, immigrants can be at a disadvantage when competing with Canadians for the same jobs because they lack experience living in Canada. In addition, their high work credentials earned in their home countries (such as medical or legal degrees) may not translate to Canadian equivalents, and they may have to take lower-end jobs. 

Immigration Myth 3- With the advent of Immigrants, crime rates also increased.

While some people are starting to welcome new immigrants, others still may not be so welcoming. Maybe it’s because of the stigma that newcomers cause more crime than those already there – but that sort of misinformation doesn’t stand up to scrutiny! According to the International Center for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy, “Immigrants are much less involved in criminal activities than Canada-born citizens.”

Immigration Myth 4- Canada Professionals are more qualified in comparison to International professionals or Immigrants 

More than 4 in 10 professionals who immigrated to Canada and then trained here in a given field are working in their chosen field of expertise in their new home. These professionals are often required to go through additional training and testing to be accredited as highly skilled immigrants as part of the immigration process, including an evaluation of their skills by registered Canadian assessors, who may require them to acquire more training or make specific changes to their job responsibilities before they can practice. In some cases, these same professionals receive little recognition or respect from their peers and employers, even those that have the training fully equivalent to the training people have received through accreditation in Canada.

Immigration Myth 5 – Immigrants that come in the wrong ways don’t have to pay taxes

Foreign workers without status and citizenship in Canada cannot work legitimately. Many of these workers are unfamiliar, and if they get caught working here, they will be deported. However, undocumented workers may still pay sales tax on any goods or services purchased to help with the Canadian economy. This makes it hard for the Canada Revenue Agency to track their income because they don’t have a social insurance number (SIN), so their taxes may not be set aside correctly to go toward the services and funds that benefit them.

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