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Matching skills of personalized fashion jewelry

Master the matching skills of personalized fashion jewelry, and you can also be the queen of aura! If you like all-match jewelry, you might as well come in and take a look, maybe there is a little gain..

Personalized fashion jewelry collocation Daquan

Fashion jewelry matching and clothing matching and personal face matching skills

Face shape and earrings

Among the many fashion jewelry items, only earrings are the jewelry that can best coordinate the face shape and make the face glow the most. Anything But a Backpack Day There are many styles of earrings, master the basic rules of wearing earrings, choose to wear correctly, any kind of face shape, you can find the corresponding coordinated earrings to wear and modify, so that the face shape tends to be perfect, to show the charm of women and temperament.

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The perfect match for clothing and fashion jewelry

1 For special occupations and special occasions, it is best to wear personalized fashion jewelry that suits your professional personality and your own taste. You should give full play to the emotional and cultural connotation of jewelry and make it a symbolic body language. It is best to wear it. Professionally designed and produced unique fashion jewelry products. It can best reflect your unique taste and personal charm.

2 For low-cut clothing, the necklace should be worn on the outside of the clothing to achieve a delicate, elegant and beautiful effect.

3 Choose a loose-fitting dress, wear a hat, and match it with a delicate beaded necklace, it will look more graceful and charming.

4 Shirts and dresses with large necklines can wear long chains or pendant chains, otherwise, shorter chains should be worn.

5 Flowy style and soft fabrics are the first choice in summer, and you can’t use heavy necklaces to destroy the light feeling.

6 Plain-colored casual clothes do not wear jeweled necklaces, but more natural ones, such as rope-woven necklaces with small ornaments.

Mix and Match of Jewelry Sets

Common jewelry sets are: (ring + earrings), (necklace + earrings), (earrings + brooches), (bracelets + earrings), (bracelets + necklaces + earrings), generally they are more casual and can be matched with any clothing , into any occasion, but the material, shape and workmanship of the jewelry are required to match the environment and clothing. Save with Asos discount code NHS


 Necklace and suit matching

1 Matching necklaces and suits. The color is relatively simple, and the style is also concise. In order to avoid appearing rigid, you can choose a necklace with strong decoration to change it. If the top and bottom of the suit are all monochrome, you can wear the choker with the pendant over the silk underwear, which will look angry and delicate.

2 Matching suits and necklaces

A few things to keep in mind when matching jewelry

1 Jewelry for women in their 20s

You can put more new fashion jewelry, try different styles of wearing, in order to establish a style that suits you. Fashion jewelry; exaggerated faux fashion jewelry; imitation jewelry; sunglasses; fashion shoes; one-piece or two-piece jewelry;

2 Jewelry that 20-year-old women should avoid wearing

The style is biased towards traditional jewelry; high-end pearl jewelry; expensive jewelry; too strong oriental color; popular leather shoes in the first two years; more than three pieces of jewelry; traditional style high-heeled shoes, etc. are not suitable for this age .

3 Fashionable Jewelry That Lively Women Shouldn’t Wear

People with lively personality and impulsive temperament are generally not suitable to wear bright red series of jewelry, such as ruby, onyx, etc., because this will strengthen the personality characteristic of “impatient”.

4 Jewelry for women with a stable personality

Women with a stable personality or a more introverted personality wear some bright-colored series of jewelry, which is conducive to creating a more lively and upward image, such as pendants, earrings, and diamond series jewelry made of rubies.

Rules to follow when wearing jewelry

 Jewelry is a jewelry that many people wear every day. Wearing it to experience the feeling of beauty brings people a sense of beauty. Therefore, wearing jewelry is also exquisite and cannot be worn casually. If you like jewelry, do you know the rules that should be followed when wearing jewelry? Below is a summary for your reference. Get Boden discount code 25  Off 


Jewelry selection is related to quantity, color, texture, identity, customs, and matching with clothing


1 The rules for the quantity of jewelry to wear: The jewelry must be small and precise. Remember to accumulate the quantity rather than the quality, which will cause the overall effect to be poor. It is recommended that the variety and quantity of jewelry should not exceed three pieces, especially for women, except for rings, earrings, and bracelets. In addition, no other jewelry is recommended.

2 The rules for reasonable color matching of jewelry:

The color of jewelry should be consistent, not colorful, especially when wearing more than two pieces of jewelry, the color should be as uniform as possible, so that the wearer is solemn and elegant.

3 Rules for the same texture of jewelry:

When wearing more than two pieces of jewelry, you should choose jewelry with the same texture. For jewelry with inlays, you should keep the inlaid material the same, and it is best to have the same texture of the bracket.

4 The rules for wearing jewelry should be consistent with your identity:

when wearing jewelry, in addition to your own hobbies and hobbies, you should also combine your identity with your gender, age, occupation, and work environment.

5. The rules for reasonable matching of jewelry and clothing:

Jewelry and clothing should be matched reasonably. Jewelry is a part of clothing as a whole. It is necessary to take into account the texture, color and style of clothing worn at the same time, so that clothing and jewelry match each other in terms of matching and style. .

6. The selection of jewelry should consider the rules of customs:

Different regions and different ethnic groups have different habits of wearing jewelry, which should be understood and respected. Wearing jewelry without customs is not allowed. Save with cult beauty discount code, cult beauty discount code nhs, cult beauty promo code nhs and cult beauty nhs discount code


The above are the rules I have summarized for wearing jewelry, and I hope to help you choose jewelry.

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