Mapping the digital transformation to achieve fast growth for enterprises

digital transformation to achieve fast growth

Businesses have started to understand the power of digitization after the wake of the pandemic. Those who thought working on the traditional approach would promise them sustainability and long-term business saw a significant drop in revenue and sales. Now that they have visualized and felt the importance of adopting digital channels, they are uncertain about how to map a digital transformation into their business. Before laying down the steps, they must understand and change their thought process regarding digitization.

Setting up the ecosystem

Setting up requires a change of thought process. Digitization involves investment, and businesses calculate every ounce of money spent on it.

  • Revising the thought process: To set up the ecosystem, businesses have to stop thinking of digitization as the need of the hour. Rather, they must think about the changes they can bring to their products and services with the power of digitization. For example, consulting a mobile app development company about the opportunities in laying out the business through mobile apps will be helpful.
  • No unnecessary investment: Furthermore, businesses also have to understand that they do not invest unnecessarily in every digital resource in the technological world. Planning to invest only in the necessary products is important.
  • Business model canvas: Finally, before investing in the digital transformation, they have to rethink the business model canvas assisting them in bringing the shift towards digital transformation.

You must be curious about the business model canvas now. Ok, let us explain it to you in brief so that you can revisit your business model carefully again.

What is a business model canvas?

A business model canvas is a strategic planner to understand the business model in detail. Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pignuer developed it, and since 2000 organizations have been using it to understand their business model in detail. It involves several components:

  • Key partners of the business
  • Key activities that businesses perform
  • Key resources businesses develop and use
  • Value propositions
  • Customer relationships
  • Channels
  • Customer segments
  • Cost structure
  • Revenue streams

The motive for mentioning the use of the business canvas model was to suggest that you revisit and understand your business model in detail before you start mapping the digital transformation. The above 9 key elements work as a checklist. Suppose you want to read it in detail. Let us move to the steps to follow while mapping the digital transformation.

Steps to mapping the digital transformation 

Innovating the business model with digital transformation is not an overnight task. Similarly, the below steps are not a one-day process towards transformation, instead, you have to take your time and carry out the steps carefully.

Map the business model carefully

You can use the above business model canvas to map your current business model. It will help you to notice the processes that are using manpower but can be digitally advanced. For example, a medical business might note that the doctors carry on complete communication. Whether it is to inform the patients about reports or fetch the details, doctors perform the task. The medical business can quickly realize that they can digitize this process where customers will get to access all the necessary details from their systems.

Understand the possible digital transformation

You might have laid down the plan and understood the possible digital transformation you could bring to the business processes. The very next step is to rank the possible opportunities before investing in them and bringing them to live into your systems. Rank all the possible opportunities on a rank scale from critical to least critical. Break down the complete transformation to separately focus on each element. For example, a manufacturer carrying out business processes on traditional machinery might find an opportunity to use smart machinery.

Implement the necessary changes

Work on the identified opportunities and implement them. You can also opt for essential training and upskilling picking to further understand the possible growth after carrying out the transformation. You also have to set the goals with every digital element you implement. Else, you will face complexities in measuring the growth achieved from it.

Monitor the digital transformation

Implementing the possible opportunities is not enough. Because it is not fixed that every single investment towards digital transformation will promise you growth. You have to cut down the resources that are not changing the growth graph. Also, monitoring will open new doors for further improving your systems because you will get to know the possible potential.

Wrapping up

We hope that the above article has assisted you in mapping the digital transformation to achieve faster growth for your enterprises. If the above article develops complexities for you, you can contact digital transformation companies like mobile app development companies in Dubai or automation companies. Digitization will truly transform your business processes and promise you efficiency once you map it right.

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