Kohler Bathtub: An Asset to a Luxurious Bathroom

The ideal bathtub for your bathroom can make a significant difference and determine how enjoyable your future showering experiences will be. Your bathroom’s bathtub may either make taking a shower a luxurious and restorative spa experience or a mundane and monotonous daily chore.

The various types of bathtubs fall under various categories. The experience the bathtub provides, such as a jacuzzi tub, a whirlpool tub, or a normal soaking tub, falls under one category. The second category lists the tub’s size and form.

We’re going to focus on the fundamentals first, outlining the many bathtub styles you can select from.

Clawfoot Bathtub

Clawfoot baths, formerly a popular and traditional style, are still fashionable. They are essentially freestanding bathtubs placed on elevated feet at each of its four corners. These gorgeous shower tubs add character and vintage elegance to any bathroom. Given the fact that you may sit in the bath and unwind while taking a relaxing soak, these are also known as soaker tubs.

By selecting a freestanding tub that complements your bathroom’s design and adding ornamental, contemporary, or sculptural feet to the finish you like, you can glam up your tub to match the design of your bathroom. However, keep in mind that clawfoot tubs require a lot of area.

Alcove Bathtub

These bathtubs are the most prevalent and frequently seen in residential apartments. Alcove bathtubs are enclosed on three sides, fitting between three adjacent walls, but the fourth side, which is one of the tub’s lengths, is left open so that people can enter and exit the tub. Alcove bathtubs frequently have showerhead fixtures mounted on walls above the faucet valves, and the faucets are typically built into one of the walls.

Due to their ability to conserve space, these bathtubs are ideal for small households with just one bathroom. The majority have a large border that you can place shampoos and soaps on. Alcove bathtubs function flawlessly as a tub and shower combination, giving the user an immersive bathing experience.

Freestanding Bathtub

Freestanding bathtubs are comparable to clawfoot tubs, with the exception that they lack the claws’ support to elevate them. Instead, these shower tubs are floor-mounted and have bases that can hold their entire weight, allowing them to stand on their own wherever. These can be positioned anywhere in a bathroom, but because they are designed to allow for freedom of movement, they are typically built with all sides open or with just one wall blocking access to them.

The most common freestanding bathtub shapes are oval and rectangular. They come in a wide variety of shapes. A flat pedestal is provided for some of these bathtub types to be fitted and installed.

Freestanding tubs are best installed in large, expansive bathrooms. They can absolutely lose the quality and essence of this tub when fitted in a small bathroom, making it appear crowded.

Corner Bathtub

A corner tub is shaped and designed to be fitted into a bathroom corner and is by far the most premium type of bathroom tubs. These bathtubs are designed to provide users a spa-like experience because they frequently have built-in amenities like jetstreams and jacuzzi modes.

You can choose from a variety of bathtub sizes depending on how much space your bathroom has available. Since a corner bathtub offers a luxurious and premium appeal, they are more frequently considered as the perfect option for large, spacious bathrooms. If it is squeezed into a little bathroom, the tub could appear constrained.

Walk-In Bathtub

For the benefit of the elderly, the disabled, and those suffering from chronic pain, walk-in bathtubs have been designed. Instead of having a rim for children to step over, this tub has an open-close door. Instead of the water resting on the tub floor, the bather will just sit on a built-in chair as it rises around them.


It’s essential to consider your bathroom’s size and whether or not the bathtub will fit well before picking a stylish bathtub for your bathroom. This applies not only to the bathtub’s size but also to the bathroom’s style and design. Visit today to choose from a myriad of high-end bath accessories if you’re interested in remodeling your bathroom.

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