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Know About Gold Rate in Lucknow

In India, Lucknow is known as the city of Nawabs for its incredible food and this city is also renowned for its royal culture in terms of gold investment. India’s rise in gold demand has surged to new heights in the last few years. 

So, let us discuss today’s gold rate in Lucknow. This blog will provide you with a brief about the current gold rates before purchasing gold. Similarly, in the next section, we will also discuss the hallmark gold price today in the city of Lucknow.

Today’s Gold Rate in Lucknow

Below we have mentioned a table that provides information about today’s gold rate in Lucknow. Today’s 24 Carat Gold Price per gram in Lucknow (INR)

Gram24 Carat Gold Rates Yesterday24 Carat Gold Rates TodayDaily Price Change
1gmRs 5,017.00Rs 5,028.000.219 %⌃
8gmRs 40,136Rs 40,2240.219 %⌃
10gmRs 50,170Rs 50,2800.219 %⌃
100gmRs 5,01,700Rs 5,02,8000.219 %⌃

Today 22 Carat Gold Price per gram in Lucknow (INR)

Gram22 Carat Gold Rates Yesterday22 Carat Gold Rates TodayDaily Price Change
1gmRs 4,600.00Rs 4,610.000.217 %⌃
8gmRs 36,800Rs 36,8800.217 %⌃
10gmRs 46,000Rs 46,1000.217 %⌃
100gmRs 4,60,000Rs 4,61,0000.217 %⌃

Note: Please note the above-mentioned gold rates in the table do not include GST, GCS, and other charges. 

Hallmark Gold in Lucknow

Hallmark Gold is for the gold which is evaluated and assuaged. The hallmark can be marked on a gold bar or gold jewellery. In India, there is a government hallmarking agency known as BIS. BIS stands for Bureau of Indian Standards, which is responsible for performing hallmarks on gold. The hallmark centre does the hallmarking for 22 and 24 carats gold. 

How Can One Purchase Gold in Lucknow?

Firstly, it is important to check today’s gold rate in Lucknow before purchasing it. One can refer to the newspapers, Television and enquire with local shops in the city. Similarly, we also recommend you check the hallmark gold price today.

What Factors Determine the Gold Rate in Lucknow? 

After looking at today’s gold rate in Lucknow, let us discuss the factors which determine the gold value in Lucknow. These factors are also applicable to the hallmark gold price today in Lucknow. The Bureau of Indian Standards has marked several places where you can go and check for hallmarked jewellery. It is also necessary to prevent the hallmark gold price today before purchasing it. 

After purchasing the gold, remember to collect the bill or receipt, which will indicate the purchase date along with its purity level and weight. This receipt and its information will help you to sell the gold, so keep the purchased gold receipt secured. 

Rupee Vs. Dollar 

The fluctuation in the Dollar is a key factor that affects the exports and imports because India imports gold at USD rates. Hence, if the dollar price increases, there is a rise in the import section, and hence the prices of gold in Lucknow rise. 

Alloy Rates 

Alloys, such as copper, silver, etc., are mixed with gold to make it strong. Today gold rate in Lucknow is also affected by alloy prices. 


Gold has been a precious metal for ages, and in the early ages, it was used for exchanging currencies. Time and generations have changed, but still, gold hasn’t lost its value and still, today, people consider it the safest asset. The pricing of gold is dependent upon several factors. Hence it is always recommended to find the best place where you can get accurate gold rates in Lucknow. Users are highly recommended to check through hallmark tags while purchasing gold ornaments. So while buying a gold ornament, check the hallmark gold price today

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