Jira Pricing vs. Asana Pricing: All You Need to Know!

Jira Pricing vs. Asana Pricing: All You Need to Know!

When looking for the best project management tools to empower your frontline, you are most likely going to come across Jira pricing and Asana pricing. Both are great PM solutions, have strong online presence, and are used by scaling startups, small teams, and large corporations. They are designed to be fully functional project management systems and can offer a great deal of help to the right audience. Jira software is quite popular among the engineering and development communities while Asana software is ideal for small and scaling teams looking to manage different types of projects in one shared space. The right one for you will depend on the number of people on your team, your business type, your budget, and what you want to use the product for.

In this article, we will pit Jira against Asana; diving deeper into their features and Jira pricing vs. Asana pricing, to help you find the right tool for your specific needs.

Jira Software – An Overview

Jira pricing offers a cloud-based project management tool that is designed specifically for software development teams. The software mainly targets software developers, project managers, and teams working on software-related projects. It is popular for its team management and issue tracking capabilities in the Agile Methodology model of software development. You can access this solution as a subscription-based service, which will support your team to accomplish tasks more efficiently. From planning and backlog to product delivery, this PM solution will help you monitor and improve overall performance of your project.

You can easily rely on Jira project management software to prevent bottlenecks, keep everyone on the same page, and launch new software products. Moreover, it comes with various predefined templates, which you can customize to suit your unique business requirements. It also offers a robust bug-tracking suite throughout your software development lifecycle.

Salient Features of Jira Software

Jira software offers the following features to its users:


The software provides relevant information in the form of Reports. These reports are available in the Jira project management system to help you to gain valuable insights into your project’s progress. You can also use these engaging reports to derive project statistics from the development phase to the product maintenance and delivery.


Its Bug Tracking software security settings give access to certain Bugs only to the team members that are authorized to work on that Bug. Moreover, Default Authorization Scheme, another security feature is included into the system to help teams tackle any security concerns. Request a Jira Demo to evaluate this feature in real-time.

Project Control

Jira Tracking software allows you to monitor the performance of your current project at any stage. It uses JQL to help users browse through and filter issues using multiple criteria. Moreover, the software’s drag and drop feature provides its users a hassle-free experience of creating sprints in the backlog. You can also request a Jura demo to try out this feature in real-time.

Asana – An Overview

Asana is a top-rated project management tool that allows businesses to collaborate effectively across their frontline to reach new productivity peaks. This feature-packed software solution is designed to help project managers track important tasks and activities undertaken by different team members. It is designed to remain cross-functional throughout an organization and offers flexible tools to accomplish more tasks and move work forward swiftly. Asana project management software is available as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) application and can be used by teams of all sizes to collaborate on important project tasks and plans.

This dynamic project management platform supports an innovative user interface to provide its users with a comfortable work experience. The software’s user interface and flexible features also make it easier for users to prioritize and navigate apps. All these robust characteristics make Asana software an ideal option for so many businesses. Moreover, Aana reviews confirm that the software offers both paid and free versions and can be easily accessed from a smartphone app or web browser.

Salient Features of Asana Software

Asana software offers the following features:

Unique Views

When it comes to Views, Asana is one of the best PM platforms out there. It offers automatic notifications and a priority list and enables users to use strong filters while browsing. Not only this, but you can also utilize the Asana Calendar to prioritize activities or tasks that are more important or unsolved.

Customizable Dashboards

Asana project management system comes with Dashboards that you can customize according to your needs. These dashboards help you in monitoring the performance of each project separately. Moreover, it supports group chats and can display the status of each project task.

Secure Storage

This software adheres to high-security protocols to ensure projects and meetings remain confidential. It also supports seamless integration with your current software and allows you to connect with a wide variety of applications and services.

Jira vs. Asana Pricing

If you are just concerned with the price tag, Jira is a lot cheaper than Asana software. However, Asana project management system makes up for it with its integrated suite of useful features. So, if money is a major concern for you, you’ll have to think twice.


It’s free for up to 10 users. For more than 10 users, you can get Jira for $7.50 per month per user or $14.50 per month per user. The enterprise pricing plan for this software is not disclosed. The vendor offers discounts if you pay annually.


You can get started with this software for free. The paid plans for this software are priced at $10.99 and $24.99 per user per month (if you pay annually). The Enterprise pricing plan is not disclosed.

Concluding Note

Jira and Asana are two very popular project management solutions, but differ in terms of their features and audience segments. Jira is an ideal choice for software developers and product teams because it is specifically designed to meet their needs. Asana is used by businesses of all sizes to coordinate specific tasks and projects across teams and functions. Asana software might be a better choice for most teams and businesses but Jira should be a strong candidate if it fits well with your specific requirements. However, we highly recommend that you try out product demos and consider Jira pricing vs. Asana pricing before arriving at a decision.

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