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iTube App for IOS Guide

iTube remains one of the most popular applications that provide both music and video entertainment to its users. The popularity of the application can be judged by the fact that after its initial launch on the Android platform, it was launched once again for iPhone and PC users as well. Earlier the application was released with the name Playtube and it had several components that were restricted. It was only later that it was renamed iTube, redesigned and then launched for Android users. The application was really well received and became popular. Later, it was released for various other platforms as well. Check How to Download iTube Apk for IOS, iPhone and iPad Below.

iTube App

How to Download iTube App for IOS (iPhone and iPad)

What makes iTube different?

The USP of the application is that it allows the users to access all the surfed content offline as well. This means that the users of the application do not need an internet connection every time they wish to listen to their favorite music or watch their favorite web series. Once the content is played on a device with the help of the iTube application, a cached copy of that content can always be viewed offline times and again.

Another great advantage of using iTube is that it allows the users to play their favorite music while they can continue with other activities at the same time. The feature actually corrects a drawback of the YouTube App that needs to be played on the forefront only if the user wants to listen to music.

iTube app for IOS has been strategically designed so as to cover all the inconveniences that are faced by YouTube users and also the users of other video streaming sites.

Features of iTube

  • It is basically the extensive features of iTube that make it popular and set it apart from other video streaming applications. Some of its exciting features are:
  • The application allows its users to download a wide variety of content that ranges from sports, news, movies, religious programs and much more.
  • Since the videos are downloaded from the official site only, the safety of the content is assured.
  • The videos(Popcorn Time Apk) are available in HD quality.
  • The application has a very exciting and user-friendly interface and it is absolutely free to download and use it.
  • The users can do a lot with the application. They can create a customized list of their favorite movies and programs and watch them at their convenience, they can shuffle and edit videos and they can also use bookmarks for the content they are watching.
  • The users can watch their favorite content offline as well. This means an internet connection is not required for it.

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iTube for IOS devices is one of the most wanted applications for iPhone and iPad users who are looking to download music from YouTube or manage a playlist with YouTube. The application was officially removed from the App Store a long time back due to a policy issue. But there are other ways in which the users can run Android iTube APK in their IOS devices such as iPhone or iPad. This is by using the emulator app that allows installing any Android application on the user’s iPhone.

However, it is now considered as the best tweak that is available to the users of IOS. It was earlier called PlayTube.

How to download iTube APK for IOS (iPad and iPhone)?

The iTube application is not available in the Apple app store officially. However, there are a few alternatives to get this application on IOS.

Follow these steps to download iTube App for IOS (iPad and iPhone):

Step 1: Go to and download Vshare from there.

Step 2: Once the download of the app is complete, open Vshare

Step 3: Go to the search bar and type ‘Playtube’ and press enter.

Step 4: You can now enjoy free music on your IOS devices with the iTube app.

Hope You like this article Download the iTube App For iOS iPhone and iPad and explore your device using this application.

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